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Sep 23, 2007 02:21 PM

White Lily Four in TO

Greetings all. I was interested in doing some good southern baking at home - and was wondering if there was a place that sold White Lily flour in the city? It is somehow different.

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  1. I've bought White Lily at the New Orleans store in Leslieville on Queen St. E. between Logan and Carlaw on the N. side. (sorry, can't remember the proper name of the shop). I think is was around $10.

    Makes great red velvet cake!

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    1. re: open_sesame8000

      That would be Cajun Corner. Definitely worth the visit if you need anything related to Southern or N'Awlins style cooking.

      Cajun Corner
      214 Laird Dr, Toronto, ON M4G, CA

      1. re: tartiflette

        Thank you both. I had been there a while ago and was wondering if they had it.