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Sep 23, 2007 02:11 PM

Baltimore Catering for wedding- Putting on the ritz

Hi, Im planning a wedding reception and I like the station and buffet menu from puttin on the ritz in Baltimore. Has anyone had this caterer?

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  1. I'm not familiar w/ this caterer. And whilst I am sure you are all too familiar w/ the logistics of planning a catered wedding, don't forget to a: make sure your caterer is 'approved' by your location (some places have specific lists from which you must choose); b: as before, but also know that if you are the second event that day, you might have to resign yourself to which ever caterer did the first event (this is more common than you think, esp venues that don't have their own kitchen); c: TASTE TEST TASTE TEST TASTE TEST. Every decent catering company will produce for you a menu to taste so you have an idea of what the food will look and taste like, of course keep in mind that food eaten fresh off out of the oven is not the same as food sitting on the buffet for a while, or passed around as app''s a fact that some flavours and presentations stand up better than others. Also, doing dinner (tasting) for two is not the same as putting out a meal for 50 or 150 people.