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Sep 23, 2007 01:52 PM

Best place to buy "exotic" fruits


I'd like to give a gift of several different fruits to a relative who grew up in California amidst fruit groves - he's tasted so many different types, but I know there are many from other places that he'd like as well.

I'm in the Miracle Mile district, but I'm willing to drive to find a good selection.

Thank you!

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  1. Closest to the Miracle Mile, I would suggest first going to a Korean supermarket like HK Market to see if that fits your bill.

    Your best bet, though, is to expand to 99 Ranch or Hawaii Supermarket, since any market that carries durian is a good bet to stock other exotic fruit.

    My favorite exotic fruit of the moment is jackfruit, which has the flavor of durian without the stink. You can get that at a Filipino market like Seafood City.

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      I was out in Westminster yesterday and saw racks and tables straining with huge specimans of jackfruit. Like Sauce says, head out to the ethnic markets - your choices will be wide and the prices will be kinder as well...

    2. Go to a Farmer's Market and you will find a large selection.

      1. The new Ralphs downtown on Flower had a surprisingly good selection, though expensive. Maybe all "fresh fares" have good choices.

        They had at least:
        passion fruit
        normal and golden kiwi
        star fruit
        dragon fruit
        horned melon