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Sep 23, 2007 12:55 PM

Where to buy fresh lavender and nettles in Seattle?

Farmer's markets are more miss than hit.

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  1. Nettles in farmer's markets? Aren't nettles only good for a few weeks in the spring when they are still young? If so, my suggestion is to find a nettle patch in one of the area parks, and pick your own at the right time.

    As to lavender, a starting point would be the annual lavender festival in Sequim.


    1. I've bought stinging nettles at the U District farmer's market, but that's about it.

      1. Lavender is done blooming. Talk to the guy at the Foraged and Found stand (Ballard and other markets) to see when nettles are available. I just saw him on an episode of PBS' "Chef's A'Field" thiis weekend, with the chef from Crush, gathering nettles.

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          the guy is Jeremy Faber ..a local forager (and excellant chef) ..i think that paulj is correct that nettles are a spring thing (that's the only time I see them on local menus) I'd bet that show on PBS was filmed in the spring as they also harvested fiddleheads.. Jeremy was also just on KUOW took someone to forage for chantrelles

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            He's in this months Cooking Light too. He's getting around....

          2. Lavender....My house on Queen Anne.....we had bundles in front two weeks ago for 50 cents !!!!!!!!!!

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              since lavender season is pretty much over, you can by a tin of it in Met Market that is harvested for culinary use. Great in scones!

            2. I know I am responding to a really old post, but if you are still looking, there is a lavender farm in Marysville, Lavender Hills. You do NOT have to wait for the festival in July or go all the way to Sequim.

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              1. re: callmeplayfair

                Nettles are starting to appear now. Just keep your eyes peeled. It's easy to harvest the tops with a pair of scissors and the requisite gloves.

                I made nettle & feta phyllo turnovers last year and was really pleased with them. Nettles are good for you!

                1. re: Vetter

                  I have a little nettle patch in my yard. They are growing like mad right now. I've seen them start poking up in early February before. Most people say eat them at 4-6 inches and the tops up to 12 inches. Personally, I keep snipping the tops and upper leaves until June or when the bugs start eating them.

                  1. re: tralfaz

                    There were fresh nettles at Foraged and Found today at U-Dist farmer's market, I wager they'll have some tomorrow in Ballard as well.