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Sep 23, 2007 12:52 PM

Peppino's Pizza in Jackson Heights (former Thomas' Pizza)....what a dissapointment!

Thomas' Pizza on 76th St and 37th Ave has been somewhat recently sold off and renamed Peppino's Pizza. We had been long time customers of Thomas' and since the transition have found the new pizza to be of declining quality and worse off, the service has followed suit. After a recent incident (details to follow), we have decided to never order from them again and use other pizza places in JH.

A few weeks ago we ordered a pizza pie from Peppino's. After it was delivered, we discovered that 1/2 of the pizza order was wrong. We called back, and after getting fairly nasty attitude, managed to explain that they needed to bring a replacement pizza. Once the 2nd pizza arrived, again, 1/2 of the order was wrong (the other half). So, essentially, we had to combine 1/2 of each of the 2 pizzas to make up our original order. However, the owner (who delivered the 2nd pizza) insisted on us returning one of the pies!! Who does that?? First, off, both orders were wrong. Second, again, who does that?? He wasn't going to re-sell the pizza (it was already past their closing time) it was simply to show off his attitude. At the end, we went upstairs, combined the 2 halves to make up our original order and brought back the wrong 2 halves to him.

Not sure what he accomplished, aside from Peppino's losing at least one long standing customer! Never again!

P.S., we miss Thomas and his wife (bickering and all)

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  1. I'm shocked. They deserve to lose a customer. I've had slices including Grandma and I've always been disappointed. Never again. However, twice, I ordered (back of menu) chicken marsala dish (no pasta) for $7.25 and it was excellent. Went back again and order chicken parmigiana dish (no pasta) for $7.25 again excellent. Both very large portions served with warm above average Italian bread. The pizza slices at Peppino's in Woodside (61st St) has never been a disappointment. I asked, " why don't you duplicate the pizza you make in Woodside." The response, "we afraid to lose customers by making the change." I don't like any of the pizza places in JH's. A couple in our building (77th St) orders pizza from Pizza Sam at 8906 Northern Blvd. They promptly deliver by car. I don't because I live alone and only order slices. They mentioned that the place is in business 30+ years and they say it's very good. I just searched for the phone # 718 335 3800.

    1. It's unfortunate, but the ownership change at this joint is indeed a death blow. The previous ownership was a sweet old Italian couple who opened that metal security door every day but Sunday and treated the customer with warmth. The new boss seems scattered and clumsy and has trouble processing a simple order. I stopped goin'.

      It's already been said over and over: the bottom line is that J-Heights lacks a go-to pizza joint.

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        The new slices are very small and not at all delicious

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          and, to add to the chorus of complaints, i went in the other day to pick up a side order of meatballs -- which are really good, and two-for-$2.95 in woodside -- and had the obnoxious counter guy scoop up three, slide them in my direction and say "seven dollars/" i registered shock and complained, citing the cost at the woodside branch, and he said "okay, six dollars." walked out, not to return.

          gustosa's makes a better pie anyway.

      2. Never liked Thomas' or this Peppino's place either. On my first and last visit to Peppino's, I witnessed the delivery guy come back from a delivery. He proceeded to chain his bike outside by a meter. He dusted his hands off on his dirty jeans and went directly behind the counter to spread out some dough for a new pie. He then dug in deep into a container of pepperoni and mozz cheese. The fact that he didn't even wash his hands first sealed the deal for me that I would never return, and I haven't.