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Sep 23, 2007 12:41 PM

Dinner near commerce casino

I am looking for a good place for dinner near the commerce casino for a bachelor party next Saturday. When I searched the site for commerce the only thing I saw was stevens, when i checked out their site I was not impressed... Can anyone recommend a good place to eat near Commerce, it does not have to be that close, we are coming from the San Fernando Valley, I want to do something different from the standard chain type of restaurant.

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  1. Depends what you want -- fancy steaks are reportedly great at the Dal Rae which is relatively nearby. You could get off the 101 in Hollywood and go somewhere there before continuing on to Commerce. Or you could stop in the San Gabriel Valley for Chinese, etc....what are you looking for ?

    1. Theres Maggie's Pub. I haven't been there myself but did hear good things from non hounds.

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      1. Are you planning on eating and then hitting the casino?

        Or leaving the casino in the middle to eat?

        Where are you starting the night from? Commerce is not known for it's cuisine.

        1. Both Stevens and Del Ray are good. Stevens may be better because they have some live music sometimes. Del Ray has a back room.

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            Although the back room at the Dal Rae is large and relatively charmless. Depending on your group size, there's usually 2 others parties there, so you can't go totally wild....

          2. Why not just eat at the casino? They have a few options including a nice restaurant or if it's not a formal dinner, then you can order snack type options from the sports bar in the back.

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            1. re: Neta

              How is the restaurant at the casino? I am pretty much open for anything. I do want it nice, though I don't want to break my groomsmens bank. We are coming from the San Fernando valley. There will only be six or seven of us and I don't think it will be rowdy at all. We definetly want to eat before we play.

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                don't hold me to it since i have never dine there.... but, i hear food at the casion is better than decent...i hear even their buffet is really good.

                1. re: rickym13

                  Anyone else eat at the commerce casino restaurant?

                2. re: josh4040

                  I've only eaten in the sports bar several times and that was just appetizers. They were good. We used to eat in their restaurant before they remodeled and change the venue but the food then was very good. They do have several choices for dining. Their website doesn't give you a menu or prices but check out the choices.