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Sep 23, 2007 12:35 PM

Slightly different tourist take on Charleston

So my wife and I are going to Charleston this coming weekend, and looking for places to eat.

We live in Mobile, Ala., so we have plenty of traditional southern meat-n-three, as well as fresh seafood. So those things are not necessarily at the top of the list.

We are looking for at least one relatively romantic, relatively expensive evening. Other than that, would like to have a variety of tastes and cuisines.

We're staying Mount Pleasant, but will be spending most of our time on the peninsula.

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  1. For expensive and romantic I don't think you can beat the Peninsula Grill. Recent posts on other threads have also said great things about McGrady's. For casual but excellent local seasonal fare try Hominy Grill near MUSC.

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      It's McCrady's. And it's excellent - highly recommended.

      As far as Mount Pleasant goes, check out the Wreck. It's a little difficult to find - no sign - but the locals or your hotel staff should be able to direct you. Great casual seafood.

    2. We went to both Peninsula Grill and Circa 1886. For your rr,ree, I would recommend Circa 1886--it's a big deal restaurant in a gorgeous historic inn--for my birthday they did a beautiful, personalized cake at the end of the meal. Peninsula Grill is very good too, though it felt a little impersonal.

      1. For something different than traditional southern cuisine, Basil is a really nice Thai place downtown on King street. There is also Mama Brown's barbecue in Mt Pleasant, although that would probably fall into the southern category.

        1. My favorite romantic restaurant is Panne y Vino on Warren St downtown. It is not expensive but just a wonderful restaurant.
          Another possibility would be Robert's of Charleston. Romance is what they do. Food is wonderful.
          Lana (across the street from Hominy) is top notch too and relatively inexpensive.

          1. I third Peninsula Grill, it fits the bill for romantic.