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Sep 23, 2007 11:56 AM

BYO Low/No Corkage in the South Bay?

After some excessive spending the last two weeks, I need to patronize more BYO places till my next paycheck! Is there anything not too expensive in Manhattan, Hermosa, or Redondo Beach that fits my challenge? I'm open to any cuisine.

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  1. Fritto Misto - Italian - Hermosa Beach
    BYOB available for $2.00 per person corkage.
    Early Dinner Specials, before 5:30, such as: Daily Pasta special with caesar salad $8.50, add soup $1.00, corkage $2.00 = $11.50 + tax & tip = $14.65 per person.

    P.S. - I haven't been to that location, their other one is in Santa Monica.