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Sep 23, 2007 09:22 AM

I hope you guys are enjoying Tony's Little Italy...

We moved to Chicago and have tried five or six Chicago pizzas so far. None compare to Tony's in Placentia. I hope you appreciate it.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Tony's is certainly an underappreciated gem out here and IMHO ranks with some of the better places in and around Chicago.

      I'll look forward (on the CH Chicago board or on lthforum) to seeing what you have tried there and where you are me, you'll find some great places!

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      1. re: RSMBob

        I disagree. I grew up in Chi, now live in Tustin. Tony's is OK, but check out Edwardo's, Lou Malnati's, Silo, or Pequad's, then get back to us :)

        1. re: ysr_racer

          As always, I feel the need to point out that Tony's, were it in Chicagoland, would be in the upper third of deep-dish pizza joints. Expecting it to be Lou Malnati's (which is the usual candidate for "best deep dish in the world") is not reasonable. Saying it's not good because it's not as good as Malnati's is not reasonable.

          This is the same problem we face with New York bagels. There are bagels that would be perfectly acceptable in New York, but because they're not H&H or Ess-A-Bagel, they're no good.

          I love Tony's Little Italy and get pizza there whenever I think the calorie count won't matter... if you're jonesing for Chicago-style pizza it will probably scratch the itch, and if it doesn't, perhaps you've got a double order of nostalgia, which is not fixable save with a trip back to Chicago.

          It could be worse. You could be jonesing for apizza (that'd be a New Haven-style pizza, and no, there's not a space missing there, it's pronounced "uh-BEETS"), which is simply unavailable here in any form.

          1. re: Das Ubergeek

            "It could be worse. You could be jonesing for apizza (that'd be a New Haven-style pizza, and no, there's not a space missing there, it's pronounced "uh-BEETS"), which is simply unavailable here in any form."

            Why do you have throw salt on our wounds? What I wouldn't give for some Pepe's.

      2. Kiwi in Chicago? Like, I’m so sure! Chicago is like, um, just the other side of the North Pole or something.. No rays in Winter, like no Uvs. Awesome food fer sure! Like, is the Chicago board ready for a Val?

        Hey, from what I read, once-upon-a-time, the owner of Napoli Pizza in Chicago fell madly in love with his new waitress (Rosalie), they got married, had some kids and then moved to sunny Placentia and on October 30, 1978 they opened Tony's Little Italy. Among the food that is offered is real Chicago style pizza from Chicago. Like any pizza, it is a matter of whether you like the artwork of the artist. I agree with kiwi.

        Tony’s “about us” page.

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        1. re: JeetJet

          Yes, this is why I am reserving judgement until I've actually tried the stuffed pizza at Tony's. I've tried the thin crust pizza, and it's nothing like the square-cut pizza I grew up with in Chicago (Ala Bennys, Salerno's, Gepettos). It is closer to the Neopolitan-style pizza I had while I was in Italy. Very tasty, but definitely not Chicago style. But the man Tony obviously lived in Chicago for quite sometime, as he's seemed to develop a passion for the Bears and the Cubs (respect), so I am going to go back and try the stuffed pizza (spinach was not on the menu unfortunately so no matter how good it is it still won't compare with Gio's, Edwardo's or even Gino's East). Can't speak to Lou's, as I was never really that much of a fan. There's another pizzeria in Moreno Valley that's supposed to have been started up by the former owners of Giordano's from Chicago. Chicago Pasta House. This is also on my list of places to try.