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Sep 23, 2007 07:16 AM

Charlotte: Volare closed

Makes me very sad. This was one of our favorite restaurants with great Italian food and a beautiful setting. It kills me how the "chain" places stay so busy and the independent one's have to hang on by their fingernails.

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  1. I was sorry to hear that it was closed. It was one of the ones on my "list" and I just hadn't made it there yet.

    Wasn't it replaced by Terra? I saw a blurb about it, but never had time to read the full article, which was in Appollonaire (sp?). They loved Terra, but I've always been skeptical about that publication because they only seem to post glowing rave reviews.

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      Fabio is trying to get space back in the old neighborhood near the Manor Theater. It will probably not happen until 2008. Volare did not do as well as hoped in part due to the lack of a promised revitalization across the street. He will be back I am sure.
      Terra is good.

    2. Very sad and you're absolutely right. I've been in Charlotte for 12 years and I've seen so many independent restaurants go under b/c of the chains. All you have to do is drive by Carolina Place mall on any given day and see Red Lobster & Olive Garden packed w/ business... UGH!

      Currents Coastal Cuisine closed this week also. Apparently it has been sold and will reopen as a new concept.

      1. I have heard that Volare will reopen soon. Not sure of the location though. Has anyone heard any specifics?