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Sep 23, 2007 06:33 AM

Apple Picking around Calgary?

As an ancillary to the recent post on good apples in Calgary, I was wondering if people knew of any orchards around Calgary that offer pick your own apples. I've accessed a list of farms, but, being new to Calgary, I'm not sure which ones are a reasonable distance away (or if it's just not a thing to do here).


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  1. Calgary is way too cold for growing apples commercially. I have heard of a few (very few) people who in very special warm spots in their yard, and through a lot of hard work and babying, have raised an apple tree to maturity. There are very few varieties that will survive our climate and given that BC apples are so fantastic, and close, I can't imagine that a commercial grower would find it viable. So I would say, it's just not a thing to do here. Find a Saskatoon berry farm and pick Saskatoons - that is a thing to do here.

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      There are many apple varieties that are quite hardy in Calgary. Intensive research by Agriculture Canada back in the early part of the 20th century led to many delicious hardy apples suitable for the prairies.

      I can't think of any u-pick places around Calgary that offer apples though. I know there's a place near Okotoks that you could give a call to and ask if they know of any places.