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Paradou, a Bad Review

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Wow ... I had a disappointing meal at Paradou in the Meatpacking District recently.

It wasn't the worst meal ever, but the two of us cleared about $170 including a bottle of wine and appetizers. For that kind of money, you expect something at least slightly special. My foie gras was okay, but the prune compote or whatever that was that accompanied it was a bit skeepy. My date's seafood and watermelon appetizer was fine -- at least the watermelon was fine -- whatever else kind of fish that was in it was slightly skanky.

I had the entrecote of pork for my main dish. The meat itself was large in portion and prepared acceptably. The enormous pile of mashed fava beans -- they were either that or uncooked cassava that had been dyed green -- that came with it were grassy, unseasoned and, frankly, a bit bizarre, tasting like a puree of raw beans and not much else. My date's shrimps were festively served with head, beady eyes and antennae attached. (Usually a good sign.) Sadly, they were overcooked and mealy.

We ate half the dessert and left the rest on the plate. It wasn't bad. I think we were just so depressed about the meal at that point that we wanted to go.

I was never sure who our waiter was during the meal -- three separate people served us.

The garden area out back is appealing, however.

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  1. That is so disappointing. Paradou was one of my favorite places to go in NYC. Then again, I haven't been in two years, and I hear that they got a new chef, so that could explain it. Still, it's too bad, because it's such a cute spot, and the food used to be really good.