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MSP - Los Andes

dlgoldie Sep 23, 2007 05:44 AM

We went to Los Andes for break-the-fast and you wanted my impressions. I'm not sure we'll be back. We may have ordered wrong, and there were lots of good moments, but with so many restaurants and so little time, it's hard to return to a place that disappointed you.

Here's what we had: french fries and deep fried hot dog "starbursts", apparently authentic Andean street food. The fries were clearly NOT from a bag and the hot dog starburst bits were skin-crunchy and explosive with good flavor, but in the end it was french fries and hot dogs.

Empadadas. We got the meat ones. Deep fried with thin skins and loaded with a well spiced meat and vegetable mixture. These were great. I'd go back for a plate of these.

My husband and I shared the Picado Los Andes, a mixed grill of fatback bacon, pork, steak and sausage, accompanied by fried green and ripe plantains. Good news - big portions for splitting. Bad news - all the meat was overcooked. This dish was dry and uninteresting, and a little too meat intensive for us. The fatback was icky.

We also ordered Molte pillo - hominy fried with scrambled eggs. I liked this, but it's nothing special.

Other people seemed to be enjoying their food, so I think we just ordered the wrong stuff. Some of the rice dishes looked interesting.

They have a nice wine list - really! Maybe six or seven choices and all from Argentina or Chile, which I think is so great. And all very affordable. The real deal is the sangria, made with a Spanish trempanillo. This was so nice and refreshing! And at $3.75 a glass, a good deal. Pitchers were $12.

We finished the meal with a nice mango smoothy.

Service was good. The place has zero atmosphere, with Univision on three TVs in a smallish space. But the people are very nice and it's clean enough.

So if I did go back I'd have sangria and the empanadas, for sure.

Anyone else out there with a different opinion?

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    dlgoldie Sep 23, 2007 05:47 AM

    I should add that it is at 317 West Lake Street in Minneapolis.

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