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Sep 23, 2007 05:43 AM

Nanak Sweet Shoppe - Columbus

I highly recommend this Persian bakery on Bethel Road. If you need a cake, this is the place to get one in Columbus.

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  1. Are they by order only, or can you just stop by for something ready-made?

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    1. re: Ditdah

      You can stop in.

      There are a couple of other ethnic bakeries in the same shopping center. There is a Chinese bakery (Golden Delight - and I have friends who think their stawberry cake is amazing, but it does not really do it for my American sweet tooth. There is also a Korean bakery.

      1. re: kura kura

        Nanak Sweet Shoppe Cafe has moved to:
        895 S State St
        Westerville, OH 43081

        This is the place to get freshly baked cakes and persian pastries. You can get custom shaped cakes, and custom ordered sugar-less, egg-less, and vegan cakes. They are also making a restaurant bistro addition to this new location. I highly recommend that you try their cakes. They always have ready made cakes to sell, or you can place an order. Their chocolate ganache and chocolate mocha cakes are sooo yummy!

        Visit their website for more information:

        1. re: lilmisspersian1

          My office staff loves the chocolate ganache cake. Great stuff.

        2. re: kura kura

          My old office use to always bring in Strawberry cakes from Golden Delight for birthdays... I think I will have to revisit this tradition. :) Thanks for the reminder.