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Sep 22, 2007 09:09 PM

Seperate SoCalif & Norcalif Boards Plz?


I'm sure you've heard this before..

The California board really needs to be broken down into Southern & Northern California. California is a HUGE state and is broken down by North or South almost everywhere. Heck, throw Central in there too.

The L.A. board includes Orange County but not Riverside or San Bernardino Counties. Which in many cases parts of Riverside or San Bernardino are closer to LA County than parts of O.C. is to L.A.!!!

Then there is San Diego...

I suggest replacing the California board with Nocal and Socal

Keep L.A. and S.F. or just have those in your new 'places' board, which I have not thoroughly checked out yet.

I would appreciate some feedback on this topic.

Thank you, Soulimar : )

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  1. Many chowhounds have asked before for more breakdowns but the response is usually "when we can get around to it."

    That being said, I think a Norcal/Socal split makes the most sense. Then an 'Elsewhere' to encompass all other areas rather than a 'Central', which means different things to coastal and interior dwellers. (heck, even amongst coastal dwellers)

    It does seem that San Diego posts dominate the existing 'Elsewhere' area of the Calif Board outside of the Bay Area and LA boards to the extent that often SD posters don't bother identifying the locale of their (SD) post, as if 'Elsewhere' IS a San Diego board.

    It would certainly help readers if all "other" Calif posters include the area or town name within their post title as in: "Best Pastrami ever at Bubby's--Fallbrook" or "Best ever hamburger at Al's in Locke"

    It's easy to forget when posting on your local board that chowhounders worldwide are reading the post. Area place names do count!

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      Thank you for your post. I was hoping someone from chowhound would to.

    2. and the Dairy Queen thoughtfully cited this thread on the topic of splitting boards: