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Sep 22, 2007 08:40 PM

'after hours' with daniel boulud comes to l.a!

according to the october issue of los angeles magazine, boulud filmed 10 new episodes of his show in restaurant kitchens in our fair city...among them: providence, grace, ford's filling station, pizzeria mozza & father's office...and the episodes also feature the chefs of the respective restaurants.

sounds like he & sang yoon might even go head to head in a burger war.

now THIS should make for some good viewing!

fyi, for anyone who has time warner cable in west l.a. or the sfv, it's available on channel 422, and begins airing on october 14th.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Man, that show is awesome. I hope he comes to SF Bay Area next year. Would love to see him do The French Laundry.

      1. Time Warner?? :( What about Dish Network? TW is the worst.

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        1. re: krez

          agreed, but due to zoning regulations, it's the only option for some. at least those of us who are stuck with it will get to watch this show!

        2. Season 1 of After Hours is available for download on Amazon, check it out:

          1. Just saw the the Hatfield's episode (i think its the first). I really like the show but it seems like the LA shows are gonna have a different vibe from the ones shot in NYC. For example, Daniel and friends were dinning in the later afternoon. I liked the guest line up for this episode but I miss the friends of Daniel who tell great stories about him.

            looks like people in this episode weren't close friends of Daniel which shows cause there doesn't seem to be a lot of chemistry.