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Sep 22, 2007 08:38 PM

Birthday Dim Sum in SGV?

Sunday is my birthday and I wanted to go have dim sum in the SGV with 5 other adults and my two kids. I love dimsum, and like to try different things. Where should we go? I'm looking for good dimsum, with a nice selection. My SIL prefers not to eat pork, so someplace that has an assortment of non-pork items would be good too.

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  1. lol I was just in this same dilemma Fri. for a pre-bday lunch. My bday is on Sun too! Happy Birthday to you. Here's the info I got

    I went to Sea Harbour it was good, they take reservations also. We ate mostly Shrimp dumplings and a few pork items. I did not see any chicken items other than feet and knees. I will tell you though that the some of the pork items had a very mild and pleasant taste. Such as the steamed dumpling with pork and vegetables. Different from how pork is usually seasoned like in potstickers. But perhaps you don't eat pork at all. I did not notice any crab dim sum either. This place is order off the menu style. There are several other options also.

    pleasurepalate has a great blog and pics


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      a few weeks ago i hit sea harbor w/ my SO ...1st time there - we both loved much as i like the little carts roaming the dining area, i really liked the fact that they had clear pictures on the menu and they brought very hot food to the table...i was not used to dim sum being so hot...i burned my tongue !! the shrimp dishes were stuffed with flavorful, fresh and perfectly cooked shrimp !!

    2. Sea Harbour would be my rec.

      Expect a wait.

      Also, most any dim sum places will have a plethora of non-pork items. In fact non-pork items will generally dominate the menu (e.g. chicken, seafood, vegetables, rice dishes, etc.)

      1. Most dim sum places will have dishes other than pork. I went to Sea Harbour recently. The food is great, but the service can be a bit lacking--they kept on forgetting some of the items we marked for our order. They simply forgot to add the items to our order. Just make sure you get everything. Also, the Phoenix claws/chicken feet were superb, but they must have come from the biggest chickens in the Western Hemispere! They open at 10 AM, and a short line usually forms by then.