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Sep 22, 2007 08:36 PM

If I could only make one dessert, I would make . . .

I have to bring the dessert to a family function. I really enjoy baking and would like to bring a fantastic dessert that would knock the socks off of the other guests. What is your favorite one dessert that you have had or that you have made? Please include your recipe or a link to it : ) Thanks !!!!

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  1. I made this for a work party earlier this week. It was definitely in the top 5 of desserts I have made. Out of a table of ~15 desserts, this was gone before any of the others were even 1/3 finished. The only change I made to the recipe was to use Amaretto with the cherries instead of brandy. I think either would work, but I was out of brandy.

    Triple Cherry Cheesecake

    1. Swiss Orange Chip Cupcakes. My sister and I baked these for my mother's b-day and everyone loved them, even people who say they don't like orange and chocolate together. The orange is understated and not over powering and the chocolate glaze is light and dreamy.

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        Chocolate Chunk Coffee Cake never fails to impress and please. I got it from the Domino Sugar web site which is a good resource for baking. You could omit the nuts if there are nut allergies, the chunks of chocolate will more than make up for the loss.

      2. This almond praline cake is really a showstopper. Almost all of it can be made the day ahead and then assembled. The taste was outstanding and it really looked wow. I bake a fair amount. Still, it looks so amazing my family thought I bought it from some fancy bakery when I brought it to the table. Recommend from all standpoints without reservations. Here's the epicurious link:

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          Kary - I looked up your recipe but there was one confusing ingredient with its
          measurement. For the mascarpone frosting, is it 1 1/2 cantainers of cheese equalling 12 oz total? In other words buy two 8 oz containers but only use 1/2 of second container? Just want to be clear. It was listed as 1 1/2 8 oz container
          of mascarpone. Thanks. This seems like an "over the top" cake - I like that!!

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            Hi Vera -- You are exactly right. Use one and a half of the 8-oz containers. (Or if you have an Italian deli near you that stocks it, have them scoop out the equivalent amount. I like to do that when I can. But the containers are fine too.) Hope you like it. (I know you will!!)

        2. This is an old family recipe that is so easy, yet tastes like you spent hours on it. I actually made it today with my boys. Everyone who's ever tasted them, begs me to make them again and again.

          Raspberry Oatmeal Squares

          1 1/2 cups flour
          1 cup brown sugar, packed
          2 cups quick oats
          1 tspn salt
          1 cup unsalted butter
          1 1/2 cups seedless raspberry preserves

          Preheat Oven to 375.

          Combine flour, brown sugar, oats and salt.
          Cut in all but 1 tablespoon of the butter (I do this by hand, messy but efficient)
          In a 9x13 pan, spread and press half the batter down.
          Spread preserves over bottem layer, and cover with remaining half of the batter.
          Press down.
          Dot with remaining butter
          Bake 20 - 25 minutes.
          Cool completely and cut into bars.

          Makes 24 bars or 36 squares

          1. Bourbon Chocolate Cake - this is a "wow" dessert. I've made this cake 4x this year and each time it never failed impress or be devoured.