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Sep 22, 2007 08:18 PM

B&G Oysters love but still stewing over stew

After going to see the 39 Steps today (which really is quite funny and charming, esp in the first half, if you like Monty Python-ish things and movies from the '30s), I decided to have a late afternoon treat. Took a walk through the South End and sat at the bar at B&G. Ordered some Wellfleet oysters and some Pemaquid. I was surprised that I actually liked the Pemaquid today better than the Wellfleet. The Pemaquid had a deeper flavor, which balanced well with my glass of Prosecco. I don't really like that they pour the Prosecco in a big ol' white wine glass but still together the flavors were delicious. Most disappointing, however, was the spicy clam stew. It was way too salty, the broth wasn't exactly gelatinous but was thicker than I wanted, and the flavors just didn't seem to come together. It tasted as though it hadn't had time to really stew, and pieces of sausage seemed to fight the clams, although all was overpowered by the salt. Only my drink, post-theater hunger, and the bread made it tolerable. I know perhaps the stew wasn't the best choice to order there, but I was craving something fall-like (in part to cope with its impending arrival) and was really surprised at the poor execution of something so basic.

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  1. Did you mention the salty stew to the server?

    1. I love the spicy clam stew but have to agree that is has been hot or miss as of late. I think it depends who is working in the kitchen because there seems to be someone new there each time I go maybe they are breaking in some new people.

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        Good to know. Perhaps will try again another time. I didn't mention it to the server but should have. She was busy attending to lots of patrons at the bar and talking to some other staff, and I was too focused on my own time constraints to wait to get her attention. Also, I saw the guy making it and tasting it before serving it to me, and there's really just no way that it should have been served or that he shouldn't have noticed at a place of that level.