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Sep 22, 2007 08:01 PM

Las Palmeras, N. Arlington

This started off as a Salvadoran place on Lee Hwy, but is now changed to Bolivian. The sign still remains from its Salvadoran period, but you may notice a Bolivian flag draped outside.

No prices on the menu.... had I stumbled into a freebie soft opening? No, "everything is ten dollars." explains the waiter. I guess this will save on printing up new menus when the prices change.

All they have so far is platters, so no quick meal where you grab a saltena and go, alas. I had the lomo asada, very tasty and equally chewy. Comes with *only* two starches.

Free refills on the mocochincho !!! That's the Bolivian spiced peach drink with the pit at the bottom. This is the first place I've been where this drink is served with a spoon, so that you can fish out the fleshy pit and suck on it. So double the reason to go here.

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  1. Where on Lee Hwy? I can't place it. Is it in the strip near George Mason?

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      Near George Mason, yes. It is on the south side of Lee Hwy, just east of Linda's Cafe with a tool rental place, Photo Scope, and Eli's Salon.