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Sep 22, 2007 07:34 PM

Any mexican food place better than El Coyote?

I love mexican food and drive to LA from OC just to eat at El Coyote. Is there any place better than that? I love their rice and shredded beef enchiladas. I'm willing to go anywhere if the food is godd! Thank you!

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  1. Any place is better than El Coyote! Try Barrigan's or El Cholo or El Tepeyac or Ordonez or Gilbert's El Indio or Lars or any place east of the LA River..................

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      I second the nominations for El Cholo, El Tepeyac, and Ordonez.

    2. www.lahuasteca.com -- I think Pasadena location is closed so Lynwood is the only one

      http://teresitasrestaurant.com/index.... -- they close fairly early for dinner

      Enrique's Mexican Restaurant
      6210 E Pacific Coast Hwy
      Long Beach, CA 90803
      (562) 498-3622

      1. Aren't all of them better than El Coyote?

        How about El Cholo? For upscale, I like Sonora Cafe...at the Farmer's Market at 3rd and Fairfax, there's EXCELLENT Mexican food at Loteria.

        1. A Swansons Mexican frozen dinner is better than El Coyote. Honestly, that's the worst Mexican restaurant I can think of. Take the advice of any of the other posters to your thread. Another recommendation is Gardens of Taxco, on Harper in Hollywood.

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