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Sep 22, 2007 06:53 PM

Food Saver: liquids

I've been using my new Food Saver for solid things like baked goods, meat, etc; but I'd like to freeze soups/ seems like alot of work to freeze them 1st, then Food saver. Is there an easier way? Do I need those canister things? Ant tips?

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  1. I freeze and foodsave the soups all the time. I buy the cheap tin foil baking tins, pour the soup into the size servings I need, and freeze them on a cookie sheet in the freezer. Once frozen, I place the entire baking tin in the foodsaver bag, or sometimes I pop out the soup and then vacuum. I'm not aware of an easier way. Love my foodsaver though!!!

    1. Our tomato plants are on steroids this year, so my FS is getting a workout. Among other things, I've made lots of tom sauces and frozen in 2 cup portions in cheapo zip-type sandwich bags. Those are frozen flat on sheet pans overnight, then FS'd in oversize bags I make myself. The oversize allows for cutting open to remove whatever quantity I need and resealing the remainder.

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        Here's a dumb question for you, OldDog. Do you keep the sauce in the sandwich bags when you put them in your FS bags? It looks like your intermediate step probably makes the sauces easier to store, right? Because they are flat? (I have a freezer full of wierd shaped roasted tomato bags right now.) And then how do you reseal what you did not use? Do you re-freeze and FS it again?

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          No such thing as a dumb questions, imo. :-)

          Yes, the frozen sauce stays in the sandwich bags, which makes it easy to quickly remove as many or as few bags as I need from the large FS bag. Then I just re-vac seal it again and right back into the freezer. The unused bags, still in the FS bag, stay completely frozen in the few seconds it takes to do this.

          edited to add
          And, yes, freezing them flat first does allow you to store much more in less space.

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            That is brilliant, OldDog. Thanks for the idea.

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              How do you reseal foodsaver bags? I just bought one online, so I haven't seen it action just yet and that may answer my question for me...

              Also, how do you "make" your own FS bags?

        2. I use canning jars for my liquids, stocks, soups, chili, stews, etc. Leave about 1" space at the top for expansion. And then freeze it. They're reusable nearly indefinitely if you're careful when you pry the lid off