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Sep 22, 2007 04:59 PM

Best Gelato in Venice, Florence, Rome? Please share

Hi All,
Traveling to Italy and I do love good Gelato!
Hoping you can recommend your favorite places that serve that delicious treat.
I will be in Florence for a few days, Venice for a few days, and Rome overnight.

Please let me know the place you adore for Gelato and those to stay away from.

Thanks, greatly appreciate your insight!

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  1. I was in Rome at the beginning of April. The gelato that I dream about was the Nutella-flavored gelato at Old Bridge – via Bastioni di Michelangelo 5- close to the entrance to the Vatican Museums. They served up an enormous portion of it, and it was wonderfully creamy and highly flavored. In fact, my 14 year old son and I still talk about it, and he asked me for some Nutella yesterday in the hopes of re-creating the flavor. Enjoy!

    1. I loved the gelato at Frigidarium in Rome, on Via Governo Vecchio near Piazza Navona. Mobbed every time I went but totally worth waiting for!

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        In Florence, Gelateria dei Neri (via dei Neri, 20-22r) this is the best I had in the three cities you mentioned when I went this summer. I had the canoli (sp?) flavor - amazing. It's off the beaten path in a relatively non touristy section to the east of town I believe. Avoid the brightly lit places on the main drags with the colorful gelato with the pineapple tops sticking out of the serving trays or that have stuff drizzled on top. All show no substance.

      2. I have two good gelaterie to suggest you in florence: Badiani in viale dei Mille. Very old italian style gelato. They invented a flavuor, buontalenti, that worth the trip from the center to this place near the stadium. The other one is Carabè, in via Ricasoli, very near to Accademia museum (the one with the david). it's a sicilian gelateria. Taste the pistacchio, the granite and even the best cannolo siciliano in town.

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          I completely agree about Badiani in Florence. I lived in Florence for 4 months and tried almost every gelato place in the city during that time. Badiani had the absolute best! I've never had gelato like theirs anywhere! Try it, you won't be sorry. It's not in the city center, but a nice 15 min walk away and worth it!

        2. In Venice, my favorites are Nico on the Zattere and Gelateria del Doge on Campo Santa Margherita. I like the fruit flavors at Nico, anything with chocolate, coffee or their signature "Doge" flavors at Gelateria del Doge. The lemon flavor at Paoli on Campo Santo Stefano is excellent.

          1. Il Gelato di San Crispino, Via Acaia 56, Rome (704-504-12)

            We'd heard so much about it prior to our trip we were worried that we'd be let down as we were at many "legendary" cafes. But W O W was it good. I had a barolo and a bergamot. Both delicious. My wife had peach and something else - tasted like fresh frozen fruit.

            It looks more like a laboratory inside than a typical gelato stand (stainless containers instead of mounded bins, tall woman in a lab coat behind the counter).

            Anyway, it's very close to Trevi Fountain and about a block from the Pasta Museum.

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              A huge second on San Crispino!

              Get any of the fruit flavors, esp the melone.

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                I studied in Italy this past spring for four months, and lived in Rome for 3 of them. I went to San Crispino at least twice a week (once I found it, that is, because it's pretty hard to find amidst the large amounts of not-so-good gelato surrounding the Trevi Fountain). The chcoloate meringue is out of this world, and the chocolate, pistachio, and honey flavors are also delicious. To get there from the Trevi, if you're facing the fountain turn right and go down the main road, then go two blocks and make a left, it will be on your right and it's very hard to find! Also, they were always closed on Tuesdays when I was there, but that could have changed.

                Also in Rome, Giolitti is awesome! Always a crowd, but worth the wait. And they give you a free whipped-creme type topping if you want it, and I highly recommend it!

                In Florence, Grom is amazing but also difficult to find. It is right near the Duomo, down an alley that is just south of it. This is their website... however it is written in Italian. The location is on there though! Best of luck finding these amazing gelato gems.