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Sep 22, 2007 03:50 PM

Yogurt places in Boston

I have been living in Boston since 2003, and my best yogurt places so far are Formaggio and Whole Foods. Formaggio has Switzerland's Emmi and Whole Foods carries Liberte from Quebec. Any other suggestion? Any idea where I can find Emmi's musli or any other European brands (e.g., Nestle).

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  1. I have seen more varieties that I had never heard of at Idlewylde Farm in Acton than anywhere else...

    1. If you like Greek yogurt, go to Wild Oats for a brand called Oikos. It is very creamy and delish. There is 4% and 0% fat kinds. I tried both and the 0% is just as good as the 4 and less fattening!

      1. Russo's in Watertown also has Emmi.