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Sep 22, 2007 03:14 PM

What are your must eats/buys at Chelsea Market?

I'm almost embarassed to admit that since work took me out of Manhattan, I don't venture into "the big city" much, so I'm making my first foray to Chelsea Market tomorrow.

What are your favorites?

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  1. Lobster Place for whole trout and shellfish (mussels, cockles, clams) ... I got a decent leg of lamb at Frank's last year ... Cream-line milk at the Ronnybrook store, though I guess that is available elsewhere. Amy's has plenty of good breads and sweets. I wish Manhattan Fruit Exchange went beyond "acceptable" and into "fabulous" territory.

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    1. re: foodmonk

      the greenmarket has gone downhill a bit from its early days selection-wise, but its still great, the produce is still fresh and its quite a value for the area.

      i love buon italia, the italian market. i used to be addicted to anything in ruthy's, but i have avoided it lately just because i am trying to stay away from treats.

      otoh i avoid the chelsea market wineshop. their prices are high, i dont care much for their selection and the service is terrible. i also cant stand amys bread. yeah i got a bug about'em lol!

    2. L'Arte del Gelato
      Amy's for cake
      Buon Italia has some great sandwiches

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        Lobster Place for all their soups, Amy's Bread for great sandwiches, Fat Witch for the brownies, Manhattan Fruit Ex for the great prices and the best air conditioning in the city.

      2. The gentleman behind the meat counter all the way in the back of Buon Italia cuts prosciutto and mortadella better than anyone else in the city, and I always prefer to get salumi there, if I can. B I is very reliable for Italian soft drinks, sparkling waters, and cookies that you don't find in many places. I also buy my espresso coffee there, a Sicilian brand by the name of Miscela d'Oro-- incidentally, the little cafe area near the entrance to the store serves the best cup of espresso in NYC. I also like the Manhattan Fruit Exchange for more obscure seasonal items, be they black figs or broccoflower (and their prices are pretty good, too). I actually enjoy eating a 1/2 dozen oysters at the bar outside of Lobster Place- they'll shuck them for you. Finally, I really like Fat Witch Brownies.

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          Yeah, the Lobster Place for oysters is better than those other raw bars that make you shuck your own oysters. Easier on the hands.

        2. At Buon Italia they sell this stuff called Vincotto ( ). It's used a bit like balsamic vinegar but it has a pleasure all its own. I particularly like the vincotto with figs.

          1. Thanks, all. I did end up buying many goodies at Buon Italia. I couldn't resist meats and cheeses and coffee. Also got a few brownies from Fat Witch. I thought the Fruit Exchange had great prices and selection, but I didn't pick up anything there -- next time. I also thought that the selection an prices at The Lobster place weren't too bad. Some of the prices were MUCH better than my regular fishmonger here in Queens.

            The only negative I found was that I did not like the attitude in Eleni's. Nice looking cupcakes, cute, but tremendously overpriced cookies, foul foul sour attitudes from employees.

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            1. re: irishnyc

              After 6PM- baked cupcakes are half off! $1-$1.75 each.

              double check on the times though.

              1. re: DarthEater

                Lobster Place for the Lobster Salad. Absolutely fantastic.