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Sep 22, 2007 02:52 PM

Oktoberfest Party Ideas

Today is the first day of Oktoberfest in Munich and I am thinking that in a few weeks I am going to throw an Oktoberfest Party of my own. I am asking that people bring a six-pack of a craft beer or something to fit the season, I also ordered "authentic" bavarian pretzels from a company and also I will be grilling some bratwurst and other items.

Is there something else I can do to make this party more interesting. I am going to have a Texas Hold Em' Poker Tourney and also throw it on a Sunday so football is on too, any suggestions ???

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  1. For sides you can do german potato salad, spaetzle and red cabbage maybe pickeled.

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    1. re: hummingbird

      How can it be a Oktoberfest w/o plenty of really good kraut?

      Kraut needs to be braised for 4-6 hours and 8 would be perfect. Using canned kraut should be a felony.

      1. re: Kelli2006

        Are you talking green "kraut" or sauerkraut?

        1. re: RichK

          I meant cooked sauerkraut, as I don't know what green kraut is.

          1. re: Kelli2006

            It's made from green cabbage and it is braised for a good length of time. I have been making my own sauerkraut for years and I never heard of anyone braising sauerkraut for the length of time you mention.
            that's why I thought you were talking about green kraut.

            1. re: RichK

              My mother/grandmother taught me how to make kraut. I start with 4 cups of fresh or 1 bag if you don't make your own. Rinse it twice and drain well.

              I render bacon or a piece of pork in a large roasting pan or enamelware and then add the kraut, caraway seed(or juniper berries), chopped onion, a peeled and cored apple, plus brown sugar. Season with black pepper and just a bit of salt. This needs to be covered with lager beer, white wine, cider or chicken stock and let braise for 4-6 hours or until a medium caramel color.

              It is best when cooked the day before and reheated with a pork roast or sausages.

              1. re: Kelli2006

                I add the white wine to the kraut as it starts the fermentation process. It makes for a nice mild kraut.
                Most commercial sauerkraut made in this country is absolutely terrible - and needs to be rinsed.
                When I run out of my own, I use Hengstenberg Mildessa Wine Sauerkraut (from a can) imported from Germany. A great sauerkraut!

    2. Why don't you try a platter of Bavarian sausages and meats? There's more than just brats. Get some savory Thüringers and char 'em, spicy Currywurst, hearty Bauernwurst, smoky Bockwurst and serve them all with some good sausage rolls, spicy mustard and red and green sauerkraut. You can also get some Black Forest ham, German cold cuts, cheese and if you're ambitious you can make a batch of Königsberger Klopse or other German meatballs to serve from a hot dish. It's a lot less messy than serving a big spread of schnitzel, spätzle or rouladen.

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      1. re: JungMann

        Great idea! You can find most of those items at

      2. One thing that's served at the Oktoberfest in Munich is herring. Don't let anyone put mustard on the pretzels!
        Don't play poker, have a polka instead. It's the one dance that everyone can do! Lots more fun than cards or TV.
        You're supposed to interact with people at an Oktoberfest.

        1. Don't forget cheese! Germany/Austria make plenty of fine varieties. Those from Allgau, Bavaria and Harz regions are especially famous. I don't expecially like Limburger or Emmental, but there are plenty of others--many of them flavored. I always wanted to try triple-creme Cambozola (a blend of Camembert and Gorgonzola) but could never find in in the local cheese stores.
          Here is a quick blurb on German cheeses:

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          1. re: DonShirer

            a nice addition might be obatzda, a bavarian spread that goes nicely with vegetables, crackers and pretzels. here's a link to a fairly good recipe.


            one of the big sellers at the munich fest is roast chicken sold in halves. really helps soak up the copious amounts of beer --

            have a blast!


            1. re: potterstreet

              This is truly a must with the pretzels, I have made my own before and this is extremely close to the recipe I used from my mother-in-law who is Bavarian.

            2. re: DonShirer

              Thank me for reminding myself about Cambozola. On a business trip, I just happened to pass a TJ's (well, I didn't exactly pass it) and found some in their cheese section. Yum!

            3. I've been to Oktoberfest in Munich and could not find any sauerkraut! Fish roasting on a stick and plenty of wurst but NO KRAUT! That was in 1985 though maybe they have some now. I think kraut is more a polish thing.

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              1. re: susanf

                I'd think saurkraut -- which is cabbage preserved for the winter -- wouldn't traditionally be served at a time when there's fresh produce available.