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Sep 22, 2007 02:37 PM

Arepas Cafe Long Island City

This is my first posting here. Just wanted to take a second to recommend a great little place I just tried out. Arepas Cafe on 36th ave. between 33rd and 34th st. Opened a day or two or ago. Never had Arepas before and now I think i'm addicted. They sell maybe ten varieties, pork, chicken, been and cheese, vegetables, etc. Their's are made with a satisfyingly dense bun that has a bit of a crunch and a nice corn flavor. I had the Carne Mechada so the bun was filled with very tender and flavorful beef with (I think) peppers and onions. Came with a creamy garlic and herb sauce. Delicious. Very nice owners. Good for takeout but maybe 5 or 6 small tables as well. The Arepas are usually between $5 and $6, but are $3 dollars today and tomorrow. A great addition to the neighborhood.

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  1. thanks for the info! my bf works right around the corner from there and is always looking for new lunch spots. yay for arepas!

    1. Uh oh, this place looks like it could be a problem :)
      I'm gonna check it out later.
      Thanks for the info.

      1. i used to live on 36th ave and 34th street!! this makes me so sad that this place didn't exsist then.

        on the other hand there is a colombian bakery on the OTHER side of 31st street i don't remember the name but the arepas there are amazing as well as the pan de yuca.

        1. I went the other night and really enjoyed it. 2 arepas was pretty much enough for a meal. I had the roast pork which was good and the shreaded beef which was fantastic, really juicy. Had the brown sugar lemonade as well. There was a bit of the "just opened" confusion but that's usual and they were all really nice and friendly.

          Meanwhile, has there been any talk/mention of the french crepe place accross the street?

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              We went to Arepas Cafe over the weekend, and while it certainly wasn't bad, I can't say that I would give it a glowing review. The arepas were tasty (I had domino and the one with plantains and cheese), but small and expensive (I seem to remember the arepas at Caracas Arepa Bar in the East Village being bigger, although they too have raised their prices recently to the point that a hungry dude like me can't eat for under 18 bucks or so - this is a little frustrating, since I'm guessing that in Venezuela, arepas are inexpensive street food). At any rate, back to Arepas Cafe- my other gripe was that there was not much we could eat (vegetarian), again as compared to Caracas Arepa Bar where there are a good five or six options. Sorry to sound like a broken record, but I would rate the sauce and the tequenos at Caracas to be much better too.
              I would emphasize that there was nothing BAD about my experience at Arepas Cafe- but Caracas, at least, is far superior.

          1. The arepas are nice enough, but the prices are kinda crazy. They're the smallish Venezuelan style. One with a few pieces of sliced pork, cheese and avocado wedges is $6.50 and is about as substantial as half of one of Il Bambino's panini, for instance, or a kati roll at one of those Manhattan places that max out at two for $11.

            If they were coming from a street stall or a takeout counter for $3.50 or so (and the plainer ones were closer to $2 than to $4), I'd like them a whole lot more. I'm not sure these prices would fly in Soho. It'll be interesting to see how they do in Dutch Kills.

            The small selection of meat-and-sides entrees hovers around the $10 mark, which seems doable. The food appears to be fine and I can see the place doing all right in some form. I wonder about the $4-6 arepa concept, though.

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            1. re: hatless

              Can anyone recommend an arepa place in Queens that sells inexpensive and delcious arepas? I'm not really looking for the style of arepa sold by the "arepa lady," but the sort at Arepas Cafe - just cheaper and bigger and better.

              1. re: bennyt

                If you guys love arepas.....and are not affraid to cook....let me tell is the EASIEST things to do and super cheap. now....when it comes to the fillings...that's another story. I personally love my arepas more than any of the places around what i do is go, get some of my favorite fillings (carne esmechada) and cheeses pretty much you can get good ones in any latin market around town.
                So....if you are curious how to make them...let me know and I'll give you a recipe.
                I am soooo happy people in NY are getting into them though....I have them for breakfast every day when I'm in Venezuela with the best cheese in the PLANET! Sadly....that's impossible to get here....but still they are great no matter what you eat them with. My dad actually eats them with Gouda cheese....go figure! ;)

                happy eats!