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Sep 22, 2007 01:36 PM

Ft Lauderdale/Hollywood

Maryland chowhound will be in Hollywood/Ft Lauderdale area next week tues-sat. I am looking for inexpensive (ie hole in the wall) but good ethnic food ie cuban, mexican, korean, vietnamese, chinese, thai. Staying at the Westin in Hollywood. Would appreciate advice about where to eat. Willing to rent car if nothing close by.

please mention specific dishes.

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  1. luv>

    I live on the Beach. Here is a quick list of places in Hollywood you can check out...

    Padrino's Restaurant - 2500 E Hallandale Beach Blvd - Cuban
    Piola - 1703 E. Hallandale Beach Blvd - Pizza
    Tavern Opa - 410 N Ocean Dr, - Fun loud Greek party
    Thira Taste of the Greek Isle - 100 S Federal Hwy, - less loud Greek
    Sage Bagel Shop 800 E Hallandale Beach Blvd - Jewish deli
    Knife Steakhouse - 602 E Hallandale Beach Blvd - all-you-can-eat -meat
    Eddie Hill's Restaurant - 134 N Federal Hwy, - sushi and Thai
    Flanigan's 4 N Federal Hwy - burger joint/ grilled fish sammies & ribs
    Chapultepec Mexican 23 NW 2nd Ave, - hole in wall Mexi
    Sugar Reef - 600 N Surf Rd, or Las Brisas 600 N Surf Rd, - beachfront dining
    Le Tub -1100 N Ocean Dr - waterfront burger place
    Capone's Flicker Lite 1014 N Ocean Dr - fun bar
    Sushi Blues Cafe - 2009 Harrison St, - live bands
    O'Hara's Hollywood Jazz Cafe - 1903 Hollywood Blvd, - live jazz
    Conca D'Oro Restaurant 1833 Tyler St, - pizza and red sauce dishes
    Lola's on Harrison 2032 Harrison Street - new and chow worthy
    Bavarian Village Restauran1401 N Federal Hwy, - old-skool German

    Have fun!


    1. Check out Goyo El Pollo. It's a small casual inexpensive Peruvian restaurant that has great ceviche. Go with the seafood mix.

      One block North of Hollywood Blvd in Downton HWood.
      1920 Tyler St., Hollywood

      1. Matteos - Hallandale Beach Blvd Italian, family style, large platters, good food
        Upper Deck - Hallandale Beach Blvd Sports Bar with good food, outside bar etc..
        Christine Lees - Gulfstream Race Track, Prime steaks, good chinese food, large bar very busy. An old Miami landmark restaurant.
        Le Tub - Best burgers on the beach

        Let us know what you try...

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          dlgc, I saw your prior post regarding Pescecane and was wondering how you would rank Pesecane and Matteo's.

          1. re: Sobe

            Sobe, Pesecane is far superior to Matteos. Pescecane is real fine dinning food wise. The service is attentive and very professional. We have been there many evenings and have never had a bad meal. Everyone is raving about this restaurant. If you want to go on the weekends make a reservation, it will be honored! They never have room for walkins, we have watched them being turned away.
            Matteos is a family style red sauce restaurant. So,so service, loud, very busy restaurant that does not take reservations. Don't go on a weekend, you will wait forever and a day!

        2. first night, went to padrinos, I tried the skirt steak and my companions tried the lamb shank and tilapia. For dessert we had the key lime pie and sponge cake with 3 kinds of milk. I thought the skirt steak was very good. The sponge cake dessert was just ok. I saw empty plates all around but did not get specific comments from my friends. I will repost and add comments for the rest of the week.