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Sep 22, 2007 01:27 PM

Walking Distance Downtown

I am going to be in SF in early October with various friends, and am a real walker (the better to prepare for face stuffing) Whts the news on good food and bars in Finanacial District, South of Market and Tenderloin areas?

I can find the $$$$ places with the "bla-bla-bla" reviews myself, am interested in small, historic and really good...

Thanks all

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  1. Lunch, dinner, or both? Which days of the week?

    If lunch, will you have only X amount of time, if so where's your starting point?

    San Francisco's only 7 miles square, and the north half and northeast quadrant have a high concentration of good food, so if you're a serious walker you've got many, many options.

    1. You should definitely go to Dottie's True Blue Cafe for breakfast. It's in the Tenderloin. Do your homework and plan to arrive the minute they open or you may be in for a long wait. The place is tiny but worth the effort. Don't even think of going there on a weekend.

      You should also hit the Tadich Grill for dinner. Very old San Francisco. Again, plan to get there early to avoid the wait.

      Farallon on Post Street is great for a drink or for having dessert in the bar area. The decor is amazing, but no need to go there for a full meal.

      Be sure to check out the Ferry Building food court.

      Go to Rincon Center for Yank Sing dim sum. You can save yourself a lot of trouble by going to their take out counter, which is just next door to the main entrance to their restaurant. The lobby of the building has cool items from the Gold Rush days that were unearthed when the building was constructed.

      From the Financial District you can walk down Montgomery Street to Columbus and down Columbus to XOX Truffles. Plain, simple, and wonderful. And reasonably priced.

      Le Central in the Financial District is a great place for an upscale lunch. Local politicians eat there. Very fine French food. Also check out Belden Alley in the Financial District for lunch opportunities.

      Please report back and let us know what you tried and what you thought of it!

      1. Hey, I just spent today wallking all over the city--from the Embarcadero BART to North Beach (had lunch at a place, but there are so many good ones you really don't need a reconmmendation), then to Caffe Trieste for a latte (and the Sat. afternoon concert). Then walked up Union to Polk and did a little shopping until I wound my way down to the Civic Center Bart--a little dicey, wouldn't recommend for a newbie. So you can definitely walk all sorts of places. Always highly recommend Bix in the Financial end of North Beach. Not much trumps that in ambience, history (used to be the Gold Exchange) or quality of food. Enjoy our lovely city. I always feel like I tourist since I enjoy it so much!