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Sep 22, 2007 12:31 PM

Ethnic markets in Jax

Are there any good ethnic markets -- asian, latino or otherwise -- in Jacksonville? Anything reasonably close to the airport? Looking for Coco Rico coconut soda, but always manage to fill a cart with other goodies if there's a good selection!

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  1. Not sure about close to airport but if you don't mind going to southside there are quite a few asian markets.
    Asian: Jax Oriental on old st augustine rd. There's a Vietnamese market on the corner of Lane and Normandy. There are actually few dozen small asian markets all over JAX, the names escapes me. But those two named are one of the bigger ones.

    Hispanic: Pepe's Hacienda. Damn good mexican restaurant too.

    Google for their location.

    1. There are many oriental stores scattered all throughout Jacksonville, here are the two I mainly go to:

      On Atlantic & St. John's Bluff, there's a Filipino market that sells freshly-made, traditional dishes (i.e. pancit) & pastries.

      If you're looking for nearly-impossible to acquire Thai ingredients (i.e fresh galangal & kaffir lime leaves) but don't want to be charged ridiculous prices for them online, there's a place on University Blvd. called Kompongson Oriental Food & Gift Market. I got a 2 ounce bag bag for a measly $1 versus $12+ s&h online.

      I've heard Mi Tierra in Orange Park/Kingsley Ave. carries a great variety of Hispanic/Latin products, although I have yet to visit.

      Surprise Cuban Bakery on 103rd. is a great place to stop by too.

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        Thanks' for sharing Kompongson Oriental Food, will check it out sometimes.

        Beach Blvd Flea Market on the weekends, there are Asian vendors out there selling fresh Asian vegetables and seafood too.

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          Awesome! I had not been able to find galangal or lime leaves to make my tom ka soup (sp?). Now I can make it again. Thanks