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Sep 22, 2007 12:23 PM

containers/boxes for holiday toffee

It's never too early to start thinking about the holidays.

I'd like to give toffee this year which is simple to make. Being that it's cheap and simple I thought I could get nice containers for it.

Where can I find something cool and classy?

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  1. To jump in on this request, I'm looking for a source for candy boxes for fudge, just the basic white cardboard 1/2lb size. My supplier in the Boston area closed shop recently and all I can find in the craft stores are packages of 3 for $3. I'm sure I can buy in small bulk (by the dozen) for less, but am overwhelmed by the options online and would love to hear from a satisfied customer before taking the leap. Thanks!

    1. If you have a Michael's or party type store near you, you'll find a lot of fun containers, like ones in the shape of Chinese take out containers. I think even Target has them. As "cool and classy" goes, you might find some at IKEA that would be inexpensive but pretty. They also have an assortment of handmade papers and ribbons to help decorate.

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        If you live in Canada, look for a Solutions store.
        Their website doesn't actually list the products, but they have LOTS of this kinda stuff:

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          Ditto on the Ikea idea....oooh, only one letter difference! They have great little boxes, paper, etc.

          You could even go with ceramic or glass or metal containers as they have a huge selection of weird little boxes, tins, round containers.

          Cost Plus also has lots of stuff like this. Don't know where you are or if they have CP in your area.

        2. One thing I did last year was get cylinder boxes made for wine bottles, and I packaged goodies in those. It was very, very cute, and cheap! I think I got the ones last year for $1.50 and they are really neat graphic designs- I kept two for myself because I liked them so much! I got mine last year at Michael's. Mine looked similar to these, but a bit cooler :-) I always thought hat boxes would make a cool packaging idea too- there were some neat ones that looked like hat boxes on that website too.

          I was very happy with the prices and the product from this website: It used to be called Veripack and that's when I ordered from them. I just ordered the kraft paper boxes so I could decorate them for the Cookie of the Month. One thing that I would recommend doing if anyone orders boxes online is to make a quick mock up of the box out of paper so you will know exactly what size the box will be when you get it. I ordered two sizes of boxes when I ordered, and I underestimated the size of one of them, so I was stuck with 50 tiny boxes that I couldn't really use for anything! Stupid me, I know!

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            I'm glad you found something good at Michaels. I'll have to look there again. I stopped going to our local store because it was so messy and depressing and there were few customers. Maybe it's the area the store is in.

            The wine containers sound great for cookies!

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              I usually don't have much patience for them or Hobby Lobby, but they had beautiful muffin wrappers last year so I went for those and found the wine boxes too! Oh, what things I get excited over... beautiful muffin wrappers! What a dork! ;-)

          2. If you want to get fancy, I believe that you can order monogrammed ones from William Sonoma - they have lovely packaging in their catalogs as we move toward that time of year.

            1. One more place, if you're looking online. I've had good experiences with sugarcraft (though it's been about a year since I've ordered from them):