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containers/boxes for holiday toffee

It's never too early to start thinking about the holidays.

I'd like to give toffee this year which is simple to make. Being that it's cheap and simple I thought I could get nice containers for it.

Where can I find something cool and classy?

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  1. To jump in on this request, I'm looking for a source for candy boxes for fudge, just the basic white cardboard 1/2lb size. My supplier in the Boston area closed shop recently and all I can find in the craft stores are packages of 3 for $3. I'm sure I can buy in small bulk (by the dozen) for less, but am overwhelmed by the options online and would love to hear from a satisfied customer before taking the leap. Thanks!

    1. If you have a Michael's or party type store near you, you'll find a lot of fun containers, like ones in the shape of Chinese take out containers. I think even Target has them. As "cool and classy" goes, you might find some at IKEA that would be inexpensive but pretty. They also have an assortment of handmade papers and ribbons to help decorate.

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        If you live in Canada, look for a Solutions store.
        Their website doesn't actually list the products, but they have LOTS of this kinda stuff:

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          Ditto on the Ikea idea....oooh, only one letter difference! They have great little boxes, paper, etc.

          You could even go with ceramic or glass or metal containers as they have a huge selection of weird little boxes, tins, round containers.

          Cost Plus also has lots of stuff like this. Don't know where you are or if they have CP in your area.

        2. One thing I did last year was get cylinder boxes made for wine bottles, and I packaged goodies in those. It was very, very cute, and cheap! I think I got the ones last year for $1.50 and they are really neat graphic designs- I kept two for myself because I liked them so much! I got mine last year at Michael's. Mine looked similar to these, but a bit cooler :-) http://www.wrapsmart.com/index.asp?pa... I always thought hat boxes would make a cool packaging idea too- there were some neat ones that looked like hat boxes on that website too.

          I was very happy with the prices and the product from this website: http://www.bagsandbowsonline.com/ It used to be called Veripack and that's when I ordered from them. I just ordered the kraft paper boxes so I could decorate them for the Cookie of the Month. One thing that I would recommend doing if anyone orders boxes online is to make a quick mock up of the box out of paper so you will know exactly what size the box will be when you get it. I ordered two sizes of boxes when I ordered, and I underestimated the size of one of them, so I was stuck with 50 tiny boxes that I couldn't really use for anything! Stupid me, I know!

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            I'm glad you found something good at Michaels. I'll have to look there again. I stopped going to our local store because it was so messy and depressing and there were few customers. Maybe it's the area the store is in.

            The wine containers sound great for cookies!

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              I usually don't have much patience for them or Hobby Lobby, but they had beautiful muffin wrappers last year so I went for those and found the wine boxes too! Oh, what things I get excited over... beautiful muffin wrappers! What a dork! ;-)

          2. If you want to get fancy, I believe that you can order monogrammed ones from William Sonoma - they have lovely packaging in their catalogs as we move toward that time of year.

            1. One more place, if you're looking online. I've had good experiences with sugarcraft (though it's been about a year since I've ordered from them):


              1. I don't know how many you need, but I make a TON of gifts.

                I used these last year for my holiday treats (spiced nuts)... but look around at the site, they have other sizes and styles. They're supposed to be used for candles, but I won't tell ; )


                1. I like to make candies and cookies to give away during the holidays too! Would you consider sharing your toffee recipe?

                  Thanks in advance,


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                      Their customer service is great and prices reasonable. They imply that they are "to the trade" only, but that is not true. I ordered some opaque containers in the shape of a chinese take-out container from them at about 1/2 or 1/3 the cost that I saw them elsewhere. I think they have the type of thing that OP is looking for.

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                        I second your recommendation for Nashville Wraps. I have been buying all my supplies for my business from them for years. Started with just a small order. Great products, and great service. You will love their catalog.

                        I have seen Candy and Cookies boxes in Williams Sonoma and Martha Stewart catalogs. They are very classy, but pricey.

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                          I have used them- they are great. I think they were about .16 each- something in that area. The half pound box. Very fast, too.

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                            I love this site!!!! THANKS! I found the perfect candy boxes for my Holiday gifts.Great choices too, and the prices ARE reasonable!

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                              Which ones are you ordering, just out of curiosity? (I feel kind of ghetto now- mine were homemade last year from shoeboxes, though they did turn out kind of cool!)

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                                you're too cute KatieNell, yours looked beautimus!
                                I thought that these would look good against the candy and chocolate You get quite a few in 1 unit..and I will use them alot. ( the green is the same color as in my business logo.)http://www.nashvillewraps.com/ShowDet...
                                I like these bags for cookieshttp://myownlabels.com/ideas_of_the_month/GiftIdea_Jan05_Macaroons.htm
                                and these for canolli in bronze - these are elegant I think anyway.

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                                  Those boxes are very cool! Don't forget pictures of your finished goodies, at least when that times comes! You people are making me excited for Christmas and it's oh so far away still! ;-)

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                                    I will, today I baked fat little star shaped sugar cookies as a test run for extras for the candy boxes ( some will have candy and cookies). They turned out so cute! I'll try to take a photo of a couple in the morning. Not to mention, they were darn tasty. These didn't use butter (shortening). I actually think they taste like my favorite cookie from a bakery awhile back.

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                                      You're welcome! So many cute ideas with all these links.

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                                What a GREAT link - never heard of them!! I am selling various homemade items at a Holiday Boutique at a church in the end of November and I think they have everything I need!! THANK YOU!! ;-)

                              3. I really love the look of these products for containers and classy labels.
                                It will give a very professional and finished look to your piece.. Actually allows you're work to be more creative.



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                                  I love the page with the ideas for the month. Thanks

                                  1. I visit the local 99 cent stores in November and always find gorgeous ceramic Xmas plates for a buck, not to mention plasic ones for shipping. They definitely went for $10 or more originally, people try to give them back to me because they're so nice. Since I need 30 or 40 each year, that's the only way to go.

                                    1. I have used the papermart website. They have every kind of box and bag imaginable, from plain to gift boxes. They sell at both the wholesale and individual level. I have used their boxes for gift candies and been very happy with them. They are at: http://www.papermart.com

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                                        Another great site!!! We are all going to be busy little beavers with all our baking and packaging, in these wonderful boxe's and bags!!!!

                                      2. Thank you all! I have bookmarked all the pages and know I won't have to worry come holiday time.

                                        1. Last year I got some adorable containers - they looked like little lunch boxes - that I used as holiday gifts for my homemade peanut brittle.

                                          If you live near a Container Store, they also always have a great selection of holiday food containers but cost more than somplace like Target, etc.

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                                            Hit the Container Store first thing in the morning on December 26 and you can get things at 50% off. Still not cheap, but worth getting and keeping in your stash. Sometimes you get lucky and can find things that are not really super-holiday looking and you can use them year round.

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                                              I adore the stuff at the Container Store. Sometimes you can find deals/sales, just keep your eyes open (online too). I sometimes get coupons (with advertising) in the mail from them as well.

                                            2. Sur la Table
                                              I second the Container Store

                                              1. We did that type of thing last year...best box for the buck we found through the resturant supplier store....there were 100-300 for only $ 5.00-22.00 depending on size and style..mostly in white..you could even rubber stamp on them etc... the other thing we did was go to a stamping store and use their machine to cut out boxes of card stock then fold and glue etc.. they were about .30-.75 each when all done.... this worked well for us I hope it will help you out... : )

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                                                  I give out homemade chocolates to about 40 people every Christmas and searched last year for something other than paper boxes. Was really leaning towards clear containers and not wanting to spend a lot on them. AM really happy with the ones I got from www.pinnacleplasticcontainers.com. I got the 7 tub with flat lid--fits about a lb of chocolates and lid is very snug. ( I put a paper 6.5 inch doilies in them.) Did have to order 300--but also use them during the year for other goodies to give out. Am very happy with them and love that I have a supply on hand!! (Worked out about .30 for each one)

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                                                    oooo I like these too! Great for egg rolls, fresh wraps! But sure for candy too, I wouldn't mind ordering that many, I can see a whole lot of ways to use these. But to pick which one?

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                                                      Oh-go ahead with the 7 tub!! In addition to chocolates in a tub- have made towers for those I just give homemade goodies-one of chocolates, one of spice nuts and one of white snack stuff and tie up with ribbon. The ones I got will stack up nicely..can you tell I am still happy I did the bulk purchase? I keep using them again and again-

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                                                        Thanks for yet another good suggestion!

                                                2. I needed containers too and was unable to find what I wanted. By accident a few days later while I was working with Word's Publisher on my computer, I pulled up Origami and there it was, a really easy to make paper holder, fun thing about his, I could write what I wished on it, add a picture, choose the colors and so forth, the kids loved putting them together and it is so simple, even my youngest got to make some.
                                                  One could always use really nice paper, add the picture of a child on it, or family, a pet, or write some well wishes..it's pretty awesome.

                                                  1. Martha Stewart's craft line, I believe, includes things like bags and such for giving gifts. I also am a fan of handmade paper creations. I have found containers at thrifty type stores as well.

                                                    1. Hi Nissenpa,
                                                      Any chance of getting your recipe for toffee? Thanks!

                                                      1. hey, i know this is a little late for you, but maybe it will work for next year. There's this container website i've purchased from, www.plasticcontainercity.com. i buy their 'multi-use' containers for my homemade fudge. they've got loads of containers starting at i think $0.18 a piece. What's really great about them is that they have a real low minimum, $25 bucks & you can mix items. they dont make you purchase full cases.

                                                        1. Consider using something the recipient can/will reuse. Have the container be part of the gift.