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Sep 22, 2007 12:21 PM

Doughnuts - Midcoast Maine to Camden to Greenville

We'll be making trip from Portland to Freeport to Camden, then inland to Greenville.

I'm looking for great local doughnuts. I know about Congdon's (spelling?), but it will be south of where we we will be. I'm not interested in Dunkin Donuts or other national chains, but would love some good local donuts. Thanks.

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  1. Check out Frosty's on Maine Street in Brunswick. Check their schedule though - for years (inexplicably) they were closed on weekends. I haven't noticed lately...

    1. I've checked into Frosty's via Google search and one of first listings is a "for sale" link. Does anyone know if Frosty's is still in business.

      Also, does anyone know about Boynton-McKay in Camden? A guidebook listed them as having good doughnuts....I'm looking for other opinions! Thanks.

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          Daphne - are you talking about Frosty's being open OR Boynton-McKay? I've since learned that Boynton-McKay is ALSO for sale. What's going on? Is it too much to compete with Dunkin Donuts?

          1. re: wintersummer

            Sorry-- Frosty's. I'm not sure of their schedule, but if I'm on Maine St. in the next day or two I'll take a look.

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              The short answer is yes, small donut shops can't compete with Dunkin Donuts AND Tim Hortons, which has been coming on in big way. Just as local bakeries are getting harder and harder to find, indy donut shops seem to be a dying breed...

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            Boynton-McKay if that is the place I am thinking of, is a small pharmacy with a "soda counter". They make just one batch of donuts and they are usually gone by 9:00 - 9:30. We stop everything we pass thru.... The best just plain old fashioned donut. Moist in the inside, crispy on the outside.

          3. The Willow Bake Shoppe on Rt 1 on the line between Rockland and Rockport is very nice. Nothing but coffee and doughnuts available, in a variety of flavors. They aren't knock-your-socks-off, but they are a nice local, homemade doughnut shop in a great location (open Mon-Sat, 6AM-12PM, I believe). Try the molasses doughnut- excellent.

            Also, I haven't had the doughnuts at Boynton-McKay, but I have to put in my plug for them as on of the best casual breakfasts around- their veggie breakfast skillet is fresh and fabulous, always a winner.

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            1. re: happybellynh

              Willow street , I agree, so yummy, fresh and good. I always try to patronize local shops, and they do have "wicked good" donuts!