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Sep 22, 2007 12:18 PM

Greenville ME - Suggestions Please!

We will be in Greenville ME for 3 days. I'm looking for lunch and dinner suggestions. There are several upscale inns which are supposed to have good food - but dining rooms are only open on weekends (and we're there Tues-Thurs). Visitor's bureau lists some places, but many are 30-45 minutes drive (and I don't want to hit a moose after dark!). Several other places are listed, but I can't find any info (no website, reviews, etc). Any suggestions appreciated!

Also, any thoughts about a good cup of coffee while in Greenville?

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  1. If you're going off season, you're going to be limited to whatever is open. In town, Rod and Reel is the best choice--good food, great service, dependable. Stress-free Moose is decent for burgers, wraps, chili, etc. For lunch and a real Maine backwoods experience, it's worth the drive over logging roads to Pittston Farm. Maynard's, just over the bridge in Rockwood, is another good choice for good home cooking, breakfast or dinner, in an old-style sporting camp environment (don't be put off by the exterior, it's a gem). For finer dining, Blair Hill Inn is excellent, but only open Fridays and Saturdays until mid October. Lodge at Moosehead just changed ownership, so you'll need to call to see what's happening there (it has both a pub and a fine restaurant). Greenville Inn also has a dining room, but I've heard mixed reviews and a few horror stories, but perhaps its improved. If all else fails, there's always the grocery store on Indian Hill or Jamo's Market (worms, crawlers, sandwiches, pizza).

    South of town in Monson is Spring Creek, a hole-in-the-wall BBQ joint. Yum.

    For coffee, North Woods Outfitters doubles as a coffee shop and Internet spot. You might also try Lakeshore Provisions, a gourmet foods store in town.

    1. We just returned and I can report on the dining scene. Mainegal - you were absolutely right. Rod and Reel (which we came to know as the R-N-R) was the best choice. We were almost regulars at the end of a 3 day visit. We tried Stress Free Moose one day and it was OK. Nothing made me want to return. We didn't want to get far from town, so didn't experience Pittston Farm. We were staying at Blair Hill Inn, but on evenings dinner was not served. Lodge at Moosehead was not serving. Several Blair Hill guests had eaten at Greenville Inn and some loved it, some didn't, so we skipped it. We made it to Monson and the hole-in-the-wall BBQ joint was closed. I was able to get coffee at North Woods Outfitters.

      Thanks for all your guidance in preparing for our Maine trip.


        If you're strapped for cash, you can go get a free Skinny Dip sandwich at The Black Frog! Dare ya....

        I have no idea how the food is, but they certainly have been getting a lot of publicity lately. And their menu is a very amusing read. Someone there has a great sense of humor!!