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Fresh Guinea Hen and Squab in Los Angeles?

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The rain is making me think of autumn and that makes me think of squab and Guinea hen for dinner..though.not on the same night.

Does any one know of a market that carries high quality fresh Guinea hen and/or squab?

Thanks so much.

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  1. In Chinatown there are two markets that sell fresh foul. I think they are both on Broadway. You cant miss them they have big pic's of chicken out front and they smell like a chicken farm, but you will find Guinea Hen and Squab as well as fresh pigeon and rabbit.

    1. Puritan Poultry in the 3rd & Fairfax FM usually has both in their display case, though emphatically not cheap. If you're near there and don't feel like going clear to Chinatown that might be a viable option. As I'm in Pasadena, I do intend to check out the Chinatown markets ASAP. I'd REALLY like to find a proper full-grown guinea fowl (pintade), as opposed to the little baby ones (pintadeau) that are all most American markets carry - I want a bird you gotta braise!

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        Thanks, Will.

        Even though I buy chicken at Puritan every week, I had forgotten that they carried squab, and sometimes Guinea hen as well. It may be frozen.

        I must disagree about the price, at least at to the chicken. It is much less ($1-2) per pound than that at Gelson's, WF, and Bristol. I think that it, along with their amazing eggs, are well worth the price.

        Would yuu refresh my recollection? What is the difference in age/weight between the pintade and the pintadeau?

        Also, do you know of a market here that carries fresh Challans/Nantes duck?

        Many thanks.

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          I think you'd need to find a specialty duck farmer, or else see see d'Artagnan carries it (and $$$$$ if they do!), to get anything but a plain old Pekin White. European ducks and geese will probably come into our markets one of these days, but at least here in the Southland I haven't heard of any. PLEASE someone, tell me if I'm wrong about this...I'd love to be.

          The pintade we had in France must have been at least 3 lb. each. The cook braised two of these in a slow oven all morning (and she got up early), and served them at noon. There was enough for the six or seven of us to have a piece each, and then again cold at supper. The ones I've been able to find pre-packaged have been under 2 lb., with the soft flexible breastbone and wingtips that indicate a very young bird. All very well if you're going for delicacy, but I seldom do.

          It just occurred to me that for those of us in the Pasadena/Glendale area, Harmony Farms up in La Crescenta is another likely source.

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          I am very much interested in similar sources for game birds in Orange County!