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Sep 22, 2007 11:38 AM

Personal Chef for Private Party

My wife is turning 50 (excuse me, 39) this year and I want to throw her a special party. I am thinking of having a personal chef come to our house to prepare a meal for about 20 guests. As we enjoy cooking classes, I am hoping for something a bit more interactive than simply having a caterer do the event.

Has anyone had any experience with this type of evening? I searched the net under personal chef but typically pull up "prepare meals in your own home" type of websites, i.e. someone who comes in and prepares a week's worth of meal.

I am looking for a fine dining experience, where all of our needs are taken care of: cooking, serving, cleaning, etc.

We're in Burlington - any experience or recommendations? We attended a similar evening several years ago by Lenny Karmiol when he was with the Good Earth Cooking School out of Beamsville and it was fantastic. Cost was about $100 pp.

Anyway - that's the frame of reference. Any ideas or recommendations?

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  1. I imagine it would be way up there, price wise, but there is a place called The Chef Upstairs in Toronto that hosts private meetings, parties, etc. Maybe the same chef would also come out to your place? For a price, of course!

    1. Here's a guy who offers to do personal home dinner parties (and he was a sous chef with Gord Ramsay for five years ;-)

      Here's another guy who does in-home dinner parties -

      Can't vouch for either, as I haven't used them and will likely never be able to hire a personal chef.

      Please do let us know who you eventually end up with, and how the dinner party goes!

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        You are expecting a lot even at $100 pp to get get a chef or cook to come in, prepare and cook your food, serve it, and clean up. My problem with the request is clean up, surely that can be left for next day.

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        1. Hi there,
          Not sure what the prices are like but Ezra, from Chez Vous makes awesome food, and that's his main line of business these days, cooking for small dinner parties. he was at the brickworks picnic last weekend, and the food was stellar.
          You can contact them at: or email ezra at:

          1. This is someone I've used as have some friends. I was very happy with him. Contact him at Chef Bill Lohman

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              I'm with alisonb, give Ezra a call. From what I tasted at the Brickworks, I agree his food is stellar. My other thought would be something like going to Dish Cooking Studio for a private party. Their classes are really informative, interactive and fun. I know you mentioned staying home, but this might be an alternative to consider.