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Sep 22, 2007 11:34 AM

Happy Hour at Abode

I finally made it to Abode's new HH last night. They have a selection of small plates, wines and cocktails for $7 until 7pm everyday. I tend to shy away from Happy Hour food in my area because I'm frequently disappointed by the lackluster offerings, but Abode's dishes were delicious and inspired.

My friend and I ordered the charcuterie and cheese plates, lobster spring rolls and flat iron steak on crispy rice. The lobster rolls were good but didn't wow me, the steak was so good we ordered a second. The cheese plate was comprised of a generous slice of one cheese with some fig jam and candied pecans, perhaps the selections vary from day to day. The charcuterie plate was enormous and excellent value for $7. We had to ask for bread separately but weren't charged for it.

It's a great deal for beautifully prepared food in such a lovely setting. What always strikes me about Abode is how wonderful the staff members are, always friendly and accommodating. I've found my new favorite happy hour spot, and I'm more in love with Abode than ever!

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  1. Sounds really good! I've been wanting to visit Abode and HH might be a good intro.

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    1. re: peachmahoney

      It's one of my favorite restaurants. To me, it's one of only a tiny handful of good restaurants among all the tourist traps. The restaurant menu is definitely on the expensive side so HH means I can eat there more often!

          1. re: yogachik

            Thanks yogachick,
            That's what I needed..when I googled it, I kept getting some spa.
            Have you been?
            I think I may have to try that happy hour. It looks good.

            1. re: tatertotsrock

              I know you like to dine solo at the bar, Abode is great for this. Not remotely meat-marketish.

              1. re: hrhboo

                I've been going to K-Zo lately while in Culver City and I love that it's all about the food and great service...and lots of small bites.
                The happy hour at Abode looks great esecially at the 7/7 pricing.

              2. re: tatertotsrock

                I have been - many times. I love it there. Even after HH, they have a fantastic bar menu that's very reasonable and very good.