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What should I order from Casa Bianca?

I've never been to this legendary Eagle Rock eatery but I've always wanted to. I'm going with my best friend next Wednesday. Any tips from Casa Bianca regulars on what to order, what's the best time to go, things to avoid, etc.?

Casa Bianca Pizza Pie
1650 Colorado Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90041

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  1. Sausage pizza and a cannoli.

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      Sausage and garlic pizza.

    2. Dont order mushrooms unless you like them canned. Ask them to slice it like a regular pizza rather than the dozens of little squares otherwise the sauce very quickly turns the crust to mush. I think its one of the worst pizzas around, but I, like you, heard so much about it that I had to go and greatly anticipated it. One of my most disappointing eating experiances ever. Sauce, crust, toppings, all lousy.

      I think this place stirs up more passion than any other retaurant in the LA area, cetainly more than any other pizzaria. People either love it or hate it, not many in the middle. And they hate it or love it with equal passion

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        Count me as one of the rare middle-grounders.

        I heard the hype years ago. Waded through the horrific line (90 minutes) and had rubbery canned mushrooms on a truly mediocre pizza, which had been confusingly hacked up into random asymmetrical shapes.

        Several years later we decided to give it another shot... took J Gold's advice and ordered the sausage and eggplant combo. Now bear in mind that as someone from New Jersey, I am a new york style pizza purist... a great pizza needs no topping embellishment because the simplicity of the crust, coupled with the quality and flavor balance of the sauce are really the hallmark of a quality pie. (I was always confounded by my midwestern university friends that insisted their pizzas needed to come out life flatbread casseroles... but then I realized that what was underneath those toppings was generally of pretty poor quality)

        After that second visit to Casa Bianca, I had to rethink my NY-centric pizza assumptions somewhat. The addition of those two toppings somehow transformed what was a truly mediocre pie into something really special.

        Now to be fair, I haven't gone back to CB (it has been several years) mostly because the 90 minute wait is intolerable, and utterly inexcusable when you consider that Vito's pizza is a 30 minute walk from my house. But I'd say that if you do decide to go, don't deviate from J Gold's advice. Sausage and eggplant.

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          Sausage and eggplant is the way to go, and, IMHO, the only way to go (oherwise you will be disappointed).

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            Agree, love the Homemade Sausage and Fried Eggplant topped thin crust pizza. Others disagree, but I love the puzzle piece way they slice it --it's pizza, and it should be fun to eat too. We get that pizza, and the antipasto, and we're in heaven.

            Skip the mushrooms, they're canned, skip the rolls --why aren't they making fresh rolls? Knowing that might stop me from bothering, but...oh, the pizza!

            The food (other than the pizza) never looks appealing to me there. Big plates of blah pasta in blah red sauce --admittedly I've never had anything here but the pizza. The rest of the dishes that go by remind me of the kind of Italian food I enjoyed as a kid, before anyone introduced me to the real deal. Could be the greatest.. but I can't get past that delish Sausage and Eggplant Pizza. Worth the drive, and worth the wait (get there early).

      2. You will order some salty, greasy pizza cut up in to a weird jigsaw puzzle. Great for hangovers.

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          it probably only tastes half-way decent if you're drunk

        2. I hope my post will be more useful than those you're received so far. If you've heard all about Casa Bianca, you've no doubt already heard both the promoters and detractors.

          We always get pizzas with the sausage. It seems to be homemade, but I can't promise. Lots of yummy fennel and spice flavor. Another topping that is excellent is the eggplant. Even people who think they don't like eggplant will devour this. I do agree it is not advisable to get the mushrooms, which are canned -- I much prefer fresh. Also, the antipasto salad is huge and chock full of various ingredients -- very good. We usually drink red table wine, which is kind of bleh, but seems to fit with the atmosphere.

          The lines can be very long, so go as early as possible (I think they open at 5, but call to find out). Worst case is, you can put in your name, and if it's going to be a while, you can walk 1 block up the street to the Chalet bar and have a pre-dinner cocktail.

          Have fun.

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            Thanks, fatkitty! Yeah I've heard all the hype as well as all the hate so I just have to check it out for myself! I have an open mind (and mouth) so I'll report back next week. Thanks for the tips about going early. We were planning on 7pmish but now we'll move it up!

          2. agree with fat kitty re the eggplant rec...also go with extra garlic. avoid thick or wheat crusts (too much chewy stuff).

            oh, and for the uninitiated, it's Cash Only; no credit OR debit cards tho they did have an ATM inside.

            1. I am a fan of their meatball sandwich, especially with peppers and cheese. Might be worth a try as well.

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                sausage pizza has great fennel-infused flavor..you can't go wrong!


              2. My favorite is cheese and sausage well done. One of the few places is LA that actually uses real italian sausage with fenel seeds. I would get there right one they open so you have a short wait. Enjoy despite the naysayers!

                1. Well, maybe I'm the only person in the middle when it comes to Casa Bianca. I don't love it, I don't hate it. Definitely enjoy the pizzas more than the pasta dishes. Like others have said, the sausage one is good, the mushrooms are shockingly canned. I don't like the eggplant pizza, they bread and fry each slice of eggplant, then put it on top of the pizza, it's just too bready for me, and not a whole lot of flavor.
                  Best to bring your own wine--stop in at Colorado Wine Co. The corkage at CB is very low, as I recall.
                  Just get there as early as you can. You may want to carry your own cork screw so you can drink your own wine while waiting. :)

                  Colorado Wine Company
                  2114 W Colorado Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90041

                  1. Another vote for the pizza with sausage here. I've also heard they make the sausage in house, but I can't confirm. Yes, it's not the best pizza ever, but I like it.

                    I also like the antipasti salad. It's a big mish-mash of iceberg lettuce, salami, cheese, ricotta, olives, and other veg with italian dressing. Sounds gross, but tastes good.

                    Also, another shout out for the Colorado Wine company. It's a great store run by a fun couple who love wine.

                    1. Sausage and eggplant pizza: a divine combination. (Extra garlic throws off the exquisite balance of flavors.) Quarter-head-of-lettuce salad, the inspiration for the wedges endemic in area steakhouses at the moment. Fresh-filled cannoli for dessert if you are so inclined. And note that late works as well as early here.

                      1. GET THE BRUSCHETTA!!! Man, my wife and I never order appetizers, but for some reason we ordered the bruscheta when we went there. WOW. A circular plate with pieces of garlic bread surrounding a coctail-like glass filled with some absolutely incredible diced tomatoes and such (your topping for the garlic bread). This could be a meal in itself, but definitely order a meal too! Trust me, it's really, really good.

                        1. meatball and eggplant pizza
                          antipasto salad
                          carafes of the house chianti
                          we've ordered this for years. on occasion I will get the pasta al forno with meat sauce. it takes half an hour to bake

                          1. The sausgage and eggplant are the only toppings for me. I love thick, doughy crust pizza - so I order it that way and it's perfect.

                            Never really been impressed with their pasta offerings.

                            The antipasta salad is worth a try....

                            If you get there by 6pm on a Wednesday, you *should* be fine, but if you can arrive earlier you'll better your odds for no wait.