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Sep 22, 2007 10:45 AM

Looking for Pomona's (sugar-free) pectin?

I am trying to make a strawberry jam that requires less sugar, and I was suggested to use Pomona's pectin. However, I am having trouble locating this (neither Noah's or Whole Foods carries it.) Would anyone know where I could find this in the GTA, preferably downtown if possible?

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  1. I bought mine this summer from Whole Foods (in HazeltonLanes)- it's in the section near cocoa, salts and sugars. Ambrosia (north of Steeles) also carries it.

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      You can buy online from the Canadian distributor and keeps a long time if kept in a glass jar. It is featured in a lot of the recipes from "Put'Em Up! by Sherri Brooks Vinton which I bought based on the modern recipes and its guide to drying and freezing as well. You only need a tsp or tablespoon for most recipes. Here is a description of Pomona Pectin from an american distributor.
      I would like to hear from people who may have used it before and what their results were with various sweeteners.

    2. Have jammed for 40+ years, never seen the brand in Canada, could import if you really need. Suggest using Certo Light (Certo liquid uses highest proportion of sugar:fruit, next is Certo crystals regular, least Certo Light crystals). Bernardin has a l"no sugar needed" version with recipes using reduced proportions of sugar, the smallest of which would certainly produce softer set, or with non-sugar sweeteners. Good luck!

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        You can DEFINITELY get it at Whole Foods (Yorkville) and I think I've seen it at Noah's but I would call first.