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Sep 22, 2007 08:47 AM

sake novice seeks recommendation

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Went to Tengu in L.A. recently & really liked the sake I tasted there (husband got a flight). Don't remember what we ordered because it was vacation & were having too much fun with our new found love of Japanese fusion:-) Anyway, it occurred to me that sake would complement spicy food nicely due to its somewhat neutral taste. At home where we usually eat on the spicy side, my husband regularly stocks "Momokawa Premium Sake: Pearl, Junmai Ginjo Nigori". Just tasted this but feel it tastes a little sour(?); therefore, I would like a recommendation for something softer/smoother & slightly sweeter. Hope this makes sense, thanks!

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  1. Not sweeter but definitely smoother and nuttier/more floral is Onigoroshi junmai daiginjo. unfortunately, more expensive too.

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      Would you be able to recommend something from the following link? Couldn't find the Onikoroshi locally.

      Don't know why but won't copy the sake page...sorry.

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        I have had the Geikkikan Horin, and it is quite nice, and I think, will satisfy the parameters you set out.

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          I ended up finding a Wakatake Ginjo "onikoroshi" sake (in a store I normally don't buy wine due to inflated prices) & really liked it. So easy to drink! I think I now know what to look for. Thanks for your help.