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Sep 22, 2007 08:33 AM

new source for candy boxes

Now that Verna's cake supply shop is closed, I'm searching for a new place to buy packaging for homemade candies, like 1/2 pound boxes for fudge, etc. Any suggestions around metro west or on the web would be helpful. I'm hoping to find someplace to buy by the dozen, not by the hundred and so far I'm only finding packages of 3 in places like Michael's and the party supply places in Arlington (Mass Ave) and Belmont, the names of which escape me. Thanks!

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  1. Tweetie: I did a bit of research on the web and found They sell the 1/2 pound candy boxes you are looking for (75 cents each). Most other sites were case lots only. I hope this helps. I live on the North Shore and know that there are some party supply stores here that sell them also but probably a bit of a drive for you! Take care. Page

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      Thanks, Page I looked on line and quickly became overwhelmed by the options. A referal from a satisfied customer would narrow the options and save time. Is there a place on the North Shore that you use? I can always take a field trip and tie it in with another hound hotspot in the area!

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        Page, me too! I get cake boxes from Restaurant Depot in Chelsea - when they're on sale - but I sure could use a local source for better stuff/more sizes! My friend and I tried a paper/restaurant supply warehouse in Jamaica Plain - but I heard they weren't open anymore.

    2. Brenner's in Saugus (off Rt 99 near Lowe's) has lots of candy making supplies & packaging in home-size quantities. I've had good luck finding things there.

      1. Tweetie & Pastrytroll: I have used Brenner's in Saugus many times. They have a huge selection of candy boxes in all shapes and sizes. They are off Route 99 heading into Malden; take a left onto Osprey Road and they are at the end on the right. You can google them and it provides a map. Hope this helps. Page

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          I knew I could count on the candy making Hounds for help. Although Saugus is a bit out of range, now I'll have a reason to justify the trek to Kane's as it sounds like they are in the same area. Thanks so much!

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            I also think Hy-Sil in Chelsea has boxes like that. They have a wide selection of trays and paper goods, cards, etc. It is off Route 16 which is right off Route 1 after you cross the Tobin Bridge. Hope this helps.

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            Thank you. GPage and taxi! I've driven by the Brenner's sign thousands of times-including this morning on my way to discover Boston Lamb and Veal - next time, I''m going to Brenners. I'd been to Hy-Sil in Lawrence, a basement not worth the trip from anywhere. Good to know that there's a better outlet.
            Kane's IS in the neighborhood; Essex St. exit towards Saugus, off rt. 1. It's in sort of a residential looking neighborhood (see picture), just keep heading out on Lincoln Ave!

            Kane's Doughnut House
            120 Lincoln Ave, Saugus, MA 01906

          3. I get mine at either Eastern Bakers (not sure the name) on Eastern Ave in Malden right before route 99 (right after the lights at papa ginos- on the left when heading toward rte 99). Or try Brenners right up the street off Rte 99 on Ossippee just before Lowes @ the big yellow sign.