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Sep 22, 2007 08:31 AM

Good Food, Casual in and around Santa Fe, ABQ and Taos

We will be visitng New Mexico for the first time and will be doing a lot of sight-seeing in ABQ, Sant Fe, Taos and surrounding areas. We've never experienced New Mexican cuisine. Looking for places that are casual with good NM food as we will be spending a great deal of time on the road and may not get back to our hotel to get dressed up. Staying in Santa Fe-11 day trip-9/28-10/8. Also, any info on Restaurante de Chimayo.

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  1. You'll have no problems becasue just about everything in New Mexico is casual! Maybe a slight exaggeration but pretty close. In Santa Fe, I'd suggest the Plaza Restaurant, Bobcat Bite and Horseman's Haven. Lunch or dinner at the rooftop Coyote Cantina is also good.

    In Taos, my all time favorite is Orlando's. Roberto's is an experience, if you can get lucky and be there when he's open. Roberto has been around for a long time and keeps very erratic hours. The Dragonfly Cafe, Graham's (new) and Antonio's Relleno's Cafe are also worth a visit. A drink and appetizers on the patio of the Stakeout to watch the sunset over the gorge is dynamite.

    Here's my opinion of Rancho de Chimayo. I love the setting and being in the old Hacienda. Sitting outside is really pleasant and the margs and Sangria are pretty decent. I think the food is just average to mediocre Tex-Mex. Nothing really interesting. Since we have no expectations of culinary excellence, my wife and I still enjoy going.

    1. I would go back to Taos just to eat at Orlando's. I love that place and their carne adovado.
      In Santa Fe, we especially enjoyed sitting outside at Harry's Roadhouse, watching the sun go down, with one of their excellent margaritas on the rocks. We ate dinner outside in a pleasant area behind the restaurant..that was so many years ago I don't remember what we ate, but I know that it was good and we enjoyed being there.

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