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Sep 22, 2007 08:26 AM

Breakfast restaurant in West San Fernando Valley

I have lived in the West Valley for almost 20 yrs now and have yet to find a really decent restaurant for breakfast - Bobby's on Ventura at Fallbrook is good but is a dive - More Than Waffles is ok as is the brunch at Villa Piacere - please dont recommend Marmalade in Calabasas or Jerry's on Ventura at Topanga - I am looking for a place like Cora's Coffee Shop or Blueberry - both in Santa Monica - casual restaurants with good food. Any other choices????

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  1. Have you ever tried Nat's Early Bite in Van Nuys? Pretty great little coffee shop.

    Nat's Early Bite
    14115 Burbank Blvd
    Van Nuys, CA 91401
    (818) 781-3040

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      1. you could try CCs on Ventura Blvd/Wilbur in Tarzana. Or the Farm at the Topanga Mall.

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          CiCi's Cafe
          18912 Ventura Blvd
          Tarzana, CA 91356
          (818) 881-6704

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            CiCi's sucks!
            The Farm is a good idea. I have only had lunch/dinner there.

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              I've posted about CiCi's before...I really wanted so badly to like it, but every time it missed the mark. By a mile. They do make a decent florentine benedict, though.

              I wish we had a Rose Cafe type place out here - hands down my fave breakfast joint, but not really worth the drive just for breakfast.

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                Had a great breakfast/brunch at Amandine on Wilshire just West of Bundy today - fabulous croissants, omelets and quiche - and an exellent cup of coffee - totally casual with a citron tart to go! These are the lengths I go to for a great breakfast.... from the West Valley to the Westside.

          2. Some ideas...

            The Baker on Ventura near Topanga.

            Coral Tree Cafe has great chocolate chip pancakes.

            Brent's is an obvious rec in Northridge, but a wait... though Blueberry used to be a wait as well.

            Sona's in Encino

            Little Cafe in Tarzana