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Sep 22, 2007 07:52 AM

Cincinnati area - good Italian sausage?

Any recommendations on where I can find some really good Italian sausage? I've tried Jungle Jim's and a few places at Findlay Market, but so far none can compare to the sausage I get when I visit back home in New York.

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  1. You might try Avril Bleh and Sons downtown. There were voted best butcher by Cincinnati Magazine, and have been around for quite awhile. Good Luck!

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      My mom uses Madeira Meats in Madeira and while Italian sausage isn't one of the things I grew up with their meats have always been really good - and that includes brats and metts. So you might want to call or check them out. They're pretty close to Kenwood. Don't know how far that is for you.

    2. KathyP, Avril is more German, if JJs does not have what your looking for I think you would have to go mail order. You might ask the folks at Angelinas (did I spell thst right?) they recently took over Bella Lunas space at Findley Market. Did you ask Kroger Boys at Findley?