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Sep 22, 2007 07:43 AM

Gourmet food store/ Good butcher in NJ? [moved from Manhattan board]

I just moved to Woodbridge in central jersey and was wondering if anyone knew of a good gourmet food store or a good butcher shop in the area. Any help would be great thanks

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  1. Wegman's has a location in Woodbridge. Not your traditional supermarket! Great selection of gormet foods (prepared) and any ingrediants. They have a great meat selection including prime dry aged beef! I'm sure there's other smaller specialty stores others can point you to, but you should really check out Wegman's.

    Here's directions:

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      Thanks the meat selection there was great. On another note do you know a place that has a larger fish selection and maybe a place that I can buy bones for stock? Thank you again.

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        I'm surprised that you don't find Wegmans' fish/seafood selection adequate. I shop at the Manalapan Wegmans regularly, and they have one of the best arrays of fish and seafood I've ever encountered -- always sparklingly fresh! It is now the only place I go to for fresh fish and seafood. The manager has told me that they accept special orders, so if there's any fish a customer wants which they don't have, they will get it, presuming, of course, it's in season.

        And, btw, Peter's Fishery, mentioned by Angelina, is no match. I used to buy fish there occasionally, but their selection is quite limited.

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          Wegman’s indeed has good fish but I find it expensive in comparison to local fish markets that I would patronage when I lived in NY. Wegaman's doesn’t sell whole fish. My wife found a great fish market in Edison, it’s actually an Asian food market. There isn’t the faintest smell of fish and it’s very clean. Downside, there can be a bit of a language barrier. We just point to what we want and the transaction flows smoothly. My wife buys whole fish there a few times a month and subsequently makes great stock. Not sure of the name but it’s in a Strip Mall across from Ray Catena. If Ray Catena is on your left, pass Ray Catena and make your first right and then a left into the parking lot.

          I'd stay away from Peter's Fishery. Went to buy jumbo shrimp to make shrimp cocktail. They were pink in the shell. They almost looked cooked. Generally Most shrimp are not pink when they are raw unless they are wild, then pink is acceptable. When I asked why these raw shrimp were pink, they looked at me like I had three heads.

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            And I should have read before I posted, Kam Man Supermarket is the place as BrianYarvin mentions below.

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              While it's true that Wegmans does not routinely carry whole fish, I have occasionally seen whole snapper there. And, as I mentioned earlier, they will order whole fish for any customer who requests it.

      2. Wegmans is great. For a fish market, try Peter's Fishery. It is in Matawan. It is a restaurant and they also sell fish. Follow the link: this may help you! Good luck!

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          You can buy bones for stock at any of the Chinese groceries in the area. Kam Man Supermarket on Route 1 in Edison (a bit south of the malls) is the easiest to find from Woodbridge. The Hong Kong Supermarket at the corner of Park Ave. and Oak Tree Road in South Plainfield often has big bags of soup bones for low prices.

          In a whole other league of price and quality is John's Meat Market in Scotch Plains. There you'll find some of the best stuff in the state.

          While you'll find really great food shopping in this part of the state, you won't see anything that could be seriously called a "gourmet" store. Delicious Orchards in Colt's Neck is about the closest you'll get to it and worth the trip for its outstanding produce too.

          I find the fish situation to be much tougher. A trip to Point Pleasant, where the choice is limited because they only sell what comes off local boats that day, is worth it every now and then, but like Delicious Orchards, is a bit too far for regular shopping.

          1. re: BrianYarvin

            While I shop regularly at Delicious Orchards, sometimes the produce does not measure up to what you can find elsewhere. For example, this summer, their local peaches didn't hold the proverbial candle to those at Wegmans. Literally every peach I bought at Wegmans was fabulous! From D.O., not so much.

            Also, you definitely must know your prices. D.O. can be so outrageously over-priced, it's ridiculous. For instance, red peppers have been high all over. But when other places had them for $2-$3/lb, D.O. has continuously kept them at $4.

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              Give A&G Pork Store, Rt 1 (where the new OTB is going up - ugh), Woodbridge. Its the northeast corner, next to Fire & Ice @ Rt 1 and Ford Ave. They have a website too. Excellent meats, and bones... Best sausage in NJ, I'm convinced of that. Also located in town of Middlesex. Wegmans can be overrated. Was in DO this weekend, they were mobbed as usual and def overpriced. Another place for fish, not sure how close/far u are, is Clark Fish Market on Westfield Ave in Clark. Fresh fish always.

        2. Barth's is a German butcher shop in New Providence, about 15 miles from Woodbridge. I love this place and drive from even farther (further?) a couple of times a month. They make all their own hams, liverwurst, boloney, etc. Do not miss the pastrami! They also smoke their own bacon. A few years back, the store expanded and became a "gourmet market," with produce and prepared foods. I haven't tried anything from the princess department yet, but it looks good.

          A little closer to you, there are a couple of Polish butchers/ food shops in Linden. I'm sorry that I can't recall the names, but you can start with the big one (just under supermarket-size) on Wood Avenue, a stones throw west of the train station.

          1. I know you're in Woodbridge, but since you asked about a good butcher in NJ I feel obliged to recommend Kocher's in Ridgefield. This German butcher is on Bergen Blvd.

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