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Sep 22, 2007 07:02 AM

Madrid: Best Time For Dinner Reservations?

Hola friends,

What is the best time to make dinner reservations at a good Madrid restaurant? We've heard nothing starts until 10PM. Is this true?

Also, we'd welcome your top recommendations for lunch and dinner. It will be our first time in Madrid, and we're psyched.

Cheers and thanks!
Tom and Barbara

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  1. > nothing starts until 10PM

    Yes, this is pretty much true. I wouldn't recommend going any sooner than 9:30--otherwise, the kitchen might not really be up and running. Also, no later than 11 or so. Most restaurants close around 12ish.

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    1. re: butterfly

      To third this, we made a dinner reservation once, at 8 PM (we were starving for some reason) and the restaurant didn't even open until 9 PM. When we were seated at 9, no one else even showed up until 9:30-9:45.

      Why they took an 8 PM reservation is beyond me, but the point is, no one eats before 9 or 10. And they close up by 12. You have two good hours to eat.

    2. Agreed. They have a compressed dinner time. Make reservations for between 9:30 and 11:00.