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Sep 22, 2007 05:54 AM

Is Phoenix Cake-Happy?

I am just visiting from Washington, DC, and have noticed that there seem to be a lot of cake bakeries, not to mention restaurants that sell home-baked cake. In and around DC, it is not so easy to find good cake (and even harder to find a restaurant or bakery that doesn't just use a mix, assuming it even bakes its own). Is Phoenix a hot-bed of cake? Why would that be?

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  1. I was thinking cupcakes, in particular, were a trendy fad, not necessarily unique to Phoenix.

    I'm not very interested in cake. It seems like only the higher-end restaurants have really good cake, that is worth the calories. However, I have enjoyed the Tres Leches Cake that is rarely available at Los Sombreros as the dessert special. If somebody knows of good cake available at a moderately priced restaurant, I'd like to hear about it.

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      Nothing Bundt Cakes started in Phoenix I believe. They are in Vegas, Reno, and SoCal too now. Really delicious, like no budnt cake you have ever had.

      Let them eat cake is in the Arcadia area. They do custom cakes, but you can also get cupcakes at the shop daily.

      Lots of Panaderia's in town that offer Tres Leches Cake.

    2. for the best treats its all about sweet pea bakery..mmmmmm

      sweet pea bakery
      209 W Jackson Street, Phoenix, AZ 85003

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        I couldn't agree more! I made my first visit to Sweet Pea last week, and had the only bakery cupcake in the valley that I found to be worth eating! (It was the olive oil carrot cake with mascarpone frosting...yummm) I also tried the almond macaroon with chocolate ganache (very good) and the PB&J cookie (very very very good!). Oh, but I also really like Tammie Coe's "better" cookie... so many cookies, so few expendable calories :) On the cake topic, Tammie Coe's cakes are very creative visually, but they just don't taste that great to me.

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          i'm glad you liked them!! i love everything at sweet pea. the rosemary shortbread cookie is sublime!!

          i must confess - my love of tammie coe has been tested lately. i had family here this weekend, and while my chocolate banana cupcake rocked, my dads blueberry sourcream muffin was dry. not a little dry, sahara dry. :(