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Sep 22, 2007 05:10 AM

Has success spoiled Quang?

I need to post about my bad experience at Quang last night. The food did not seem to have its usual freshness, and one dish was disgusting. Spring rolls were acceptable, not great, sweet potato fritters pretty much tasteless doughballs. My son's broken rice chicken dish was tasty, but my husband's shrimp version was just OK. The place was a madhouse and the service was terrible, which I guess is to be expected. But I ordered something that I just couldn't eat, which is rare for me. This dish, a beef and meatball curry, showed up at the table a good ten minutes after everyone else had been served. 1/4 inch of grease floated on the top of a tasteless bowl of bright red broth. I took one look and knew I wasn't eating it. The only flavor was star anise. I fished out some of the cartilage webbed meat (and I like sinew as much as the next guy) and tried to do my best. But I left it. We were running late by that time so I didn't complain, and the place was such a zoo that I had no idea how much more time I could waste getting my complaint heard.

Has anyone else been disappointed lately?

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  1. FYI: Quang is in Minneapolis

    1. No comment on the food, but I wouldn't contribute anything to its success - it's been successful for a long time now. It wouldn't account for any recent decline.

      1. To me the food is still okay but not great. But i can definitely agree the service is terrible. The restaurant is defintely overrated.

        1. My family and I had dinner there last Sunday and I thought that the sea bass soup that I had was great. The plate of sides that came with it seemed a little less "full" than usual, but otherwise, it was great.

          We went fairly early (around 5:30) and it was not particularly crowded. Service seemed average to me.

          I did not taste any of the other dishes but my kids and wife liked what they got.

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            Thought I'd add a places link.

            Quang Pastry & Deli
            2719 Nicollet Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55408

          2. Okay random.

            I just got sandwiches there for lunch. They were stellar.

            BUT - when telling my friends who I brought them to that I got them from Quang.. they mentioned they also ate there -last night- & had terrible service (they said there were 3 birthday parties ordering at random times and it looked pretty chaotic) and received the wrong dish. They said it tasted great, but it wasn't what they'd ordered and didn't want to wait or bother dealing w.the server. (Said they looked new & flustered by the big tables).

            We can watch if it happens again, but it may be a fluke.