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Fondue party, need some ideas for other foods

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Doing a fondue party, friend is doing a cheese fondue and a broth with chicken and shrimp. I am doing chocolate fondue.

What else can we make to go along, such as appetizers and sides to go along with it. I know we will have bread and such for the cheese and all the dessert dippers. What else to serve at a fondue party?

Also any good dipper suggestions for cheese and the chocolate?

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  1. I love apples with my cheese fondue. What veggies will you have?

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      I have a great one for you... If you have time?? Like a few weeks...
      Take a little Jar of cherries and empty the sweet juice out. Then fill up with the 98% alc by vol. Let sit in the fridge for about 30 days. This will prime a fondue party. I think they are called Cherry Bombs :)

    2. To go with cheese fondue I like apples, broccoli, cauliflower, and good bread. Some rosti potatoes would be a nice side. For apps, marinated or stuffed mushrooms, and a simple green salad or a tomato salad (I always avoid the addition of more cheese in the salads). However, frozen cheesecake (do not thaw) is a delicious (cholesterol be damned!) accompaniment to choc fondue.

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        Try doing mini-raviolis or tortellini to dip...you could use some stuffed w/wild mushrooms or artichoke or red pepper....

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          I was just going to suggest some (non-cheese) pierogies. Maybe mushroom- or cabbage-stuffed.

      2. For the cheese - I like the suggestions here already but want to add that keeping your veggies cold is important -- the contrast with the hot cheese is great

        For the chocolate -- Little pieces of cake - not only pound cake but cheesecake is really good, cookies & biscotti (self-dippers), slices of banana and strawberries, marshmellows, and if you can find something minty with the right texture/shape, mint in chocolate is lovely as well.

        It sounds like you're not really responsible for the meat part, but one great thing to serve with that is having lots of different kinds of sauce available to dip the meats into after they're cooked.

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          orange slices would go well with the chocolate fondue (you can leave half the peel on the slice for better support)

        2. For veggies to dunk, I fully support the suggestions above, and I'd add: Brussels sprouts (if you like them), chunks of winter squash, and chestnuts (ok, not techinally a veggie, but still a plant).

          For veggies on the side, definitely do a green salad, preferably with some bitter greens to balance the richness of the fondue. A raw fennel salad - thinly sliced fennel dressed with lemon juice and salt - would be a nice side, too.

          For the chocolate fondue, don't forget the marshmallows. They're lowbrow but awesome. Besides the fruit (of which there should be plenty), try toasted cubes of angel food cake.

          1. The Matterhorn in San Francisco serves a green salad and a baggette with their cheese fondue. They also list these as extra sides; mushrooms, potatoes, apples and sausage.

            When I had cheese fondue in Switzerland, it was preceeded by a light, brothy type soup and a green salad.

            1. Aside from the chicken and shrimp in brioh, you can pre cook and cube chicken and/or pork cutlets.Tastes great with the cheese. We do filet mignon as well.
              Cherry or grape tomatoes and slices of yellow/red/green peppers give a refreshing snap relief from all that cheese.
              Try precutting and semi freezing your dessert cakes. If you are so inclined, you can also use a melon baller to scoop fresh fruit and ice cream balls and serve it as something to scoop the Choco. fondue onto, and eat out of small bowls. I say this b/c the whole dipping thing gets a little messy and has 'floaters' after a while which, while tasty, do not look all that appealing.

              1. for the cheese fondue I usually do some precooked sausages, cut into small bite sized chunks . (i am such a meat eater) and potatoes is also yummy.

                for the chocolate... i like to make rice crispy treats and cut into small 1" squares. pretezel sticks... the hard ones you get in a bag.. are good too. I just love that salty sweet combo.


                1. Other hounds already have a lot of suggestions, so I will try not to repeat (though I think I may...)

                  For Cheese Fondue Dippers:
                  - pearl onion (already cooked), asparagus (cooked), zucchini, endives, portabella mushroom (sliced), and bell peppers (sliced). I suggest you lightly cook some of the veggies that take long time to cook as you don't want the vegetables to sit too long in the cheese sauce.
                  - Figs can go with either cheese (depending on what cheese you use) or chocolate
                  - If people are daring enough, jalapeno peppers!
                  - Depending on how "sophisticated" you want for the dippers, more causal items are...French Fries and Onion Rings! (cooked beforehand)

                  To cut the heavy cheese fondue, juicy heirloom tomato salad, beet salad, or watermelon with feta salad will be great! You can also serve couscous or orzo with mint dressing as they are refreshing!

                  For dessert dippers:
                  - Obviously fruits especially berries, but if you can get fresh pineapple and fresh coconut meat, they are decadent!
                  - dried fruits are also popular, though personally I like fresh fruit
                  - You have to include HAAGEN-DAZS ICE CREAM BALLS! Take out small scoops using a melon ball scooper, and have your friends dip them in the chocolate. This is always the favorite item of the fondue party.

                  Have Fun!

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                    do you pre-freeze the individual scoops of ice cream to help them survive the chocolate?

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                      coconut... now that is one i have not tried and simply must! wow.. thanks

                    2. Mini waffles.

                      Along w/ the marshmallows, add graham crackers to S'morify.

                      Hawaiian Pork Fondue? http://gofondue.com/recipe_oil_hawaii...

                      1. Kari, you have a ton of great suggestions here.

                        Asparagus are delicious (built in handle too) with cheese fondue
                        Dust your chocolate fondue pot with powdered coffee first, really kicks up the chocolate
                        Pieces of fresh croissants are delicious in cheese & chocolate fondue
                        If you pre arrange fresh berries & mini marshmellows on a skewer their a delicious combo for chocolate
                        Same with chunks of spiral ham and ryebread for the cheese version.

                        Have a great time!

                        1. Thanks everyone! The fondue party was a hit. Some of these ideas I can't wait to do when I host another fondue party Keep them coming, I plan on writing a lot of these down for future reference.

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                            I am Swiss & of course Fondue is customary for my family. After reading all of these great recommendations, I must say - one thing is missing! Garlic clove-stuffed green olives are one of our staples for a cheese dipper. ;)