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Sep 21, 2007 07:26 PM


I have been trying to find someplace in Ocean County that sells this wine. We ordered it with dinner in AC, bought a bottle in Fort Lauderdale but have had no luck finding it closer to home. If any of you chowhounds have any ideas where I may purchase this wine, please write back and let me know.

PS: If you do get an opportunity to try Albarino, I would suggest that you go for it. It is a light white wine that can be enjoyed by the most discriminating wine drinkers.

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  1. Did you try googling "albarino" + "spanish wine" ?

    1. Go to the following web site and search. You will find several shops in NJ that sell this wine.

      1. I bought 2 bottles in Cherry Hill a few months back. Total Wine and More is a huge store and they have a very large selection of wine. I bought 2 different bottles of Albarino there. Very nice with fish. There are a few more stores in NJ if you go to their website.

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          Thanks ambrose, the site you suggested was very helpful. That site will now go on my favorites. I am going to try the wine shop in Brick as it is a little closer to where I live than Spring Lake.
          Which bottles of the Albarino did you try? Both times we enjoyed the Nora Albarino. Once was with a sea bass and the other was with a veggie dish

          I am partial to light white wines, so if there are any suggestions out there, I would enjoy knowing.

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            Albarino is an excellent grape variety and popular especially during the summer due to the fact that its light, served chilled and is very refreshing. The Nora is a fine example and should be readily available. As the above poster suggested, is a good resource. Good Luck. If you like light refreshing whites, have you ever tried rieslings? Just a tad sweeter than albarino's.

            1. re: Babs16

              You live in Spring Lake and didn't check at the Bottle Shop before coming on-line? This is a very nice store.

              They have this wine from a couple of producers, including one from the well-thought of area of Rias Baixas.

          2. Try a Kabinett Reisling especially with Chinese, Thai, or Indian food

            Try an Italian white Wine called Tenuta Revoglia- delicious but not quite as crisp
            as a the Albarino.

            A good quality Austrian Gruner-Veltligner also might be to your liking (spelling ?)

            Mark H.

            1. You can order online from wine library dot com. They're located in Springfield, NJ. They carry several different Albariños.

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                I shop at Total Wine in Claymont which is where I recently got turned on to Albarino. I bought Burgas (I'm pretty sure that's the spelling) and really enjoyed it. I'm sure you could get it at a Total Wine nearer to you. I'm just finishing up a bottle of Albarino... Val Do Sosego... yummy!

                1. re: cjc519

                  I strongly echo Wine Library and I even signed up for the pro version - worth every penny.

                  I really like them too - so different from the typical chardonnays. Nova Terra (New Brunswick) usually has one by the glass.

                  1. re: aacharya

                    Albarino is NOT chardonnay. It's... Albarino.

                    1. re: ChefJune

                      Yes, i knew that. Should I have said "so different from the other white wines you normally see at restaurants, like chardonnay"? I think most people know that it isn't a chardonnay. Thanks for the negative, though. Really fits the mood of this board.