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Sep 21, 2007 07:19 PM

Syrian pickle

Does anyone know where one can find good Syrian pickle in this city?

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  1. Point of clarification: Do you mean pickled turnip?

    1. I, for one, would love some clarification on what "Syrian pickle" is if someone feels like enlightening me.

      1. I have had shawarma at a syrian/lebanese bakery called PARAMOUNT in Mississauga (its not a very good shawarma) and they are served with these pickles.. They almost have a sweet flavor to them rather than sour like a regular dill pickle.. Is this what you mean?

        1. I lived in Muscat, Oman for a while. All the supermarkets sold Syrian pickle. It's a pink-coloured mix of various pickled vegetables. You just have to try, it's widely avalaible in the Middle East.

          1. Ararat International Fine Foods, 1800 Avenue Road, might be the place for you.

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              Arz and Nasr on Lawrence East (E of Vic Park) have a wide assortment of arabic pickles.

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                On Ronscevalles, across from what was the Revue Cinema is a little shop called Holy Land run by a nice Syrian guy. Maybe try there. Not nearly the selection of Nasr and the Scarberian places, but a great little shop.